14 July 2010

i'm giving out gold stars to anyone who will click-in to this piece

[click image]


And tell me what is wrong with the picture you find there.

I think I'm dreamin'... but I have this sinking feeling I'm not.

It was the FIRST thing I noticed and it brought back my food poisoning.



  1. I don't know. The gauge doesn't go high enough?

  2. That'd be 'er.... Lowest estimates I've heard are in the 20,000psi range... going on up to 70 and a hunnert thousand.... So. Well. Obviously. It's a plot to send me off a cliff.

    Gold stars will be arriving soon. However many you want, just name it.

  3. Not high enough... When I saw this gauge several days ago in one of the ROV feeds I was wondering what it was for as it was at most 1/2 of what I have heard reported for the pressure in the well.

    The top stack is back on - testing to begin soon... Peg that gauge!

  4. The first time I looked at it my mind did the correction and I "saw" 10,000 to 100,000 psi. Maybe that's a x10 gauge.

    I saw this in today's news:
    "The test will involve closing off all three openings in the cap to the Gulf, in theory stopping the oil leaking into the Gulf. BP will be monitoring pressure under the cap. High pressure is good, because it shows there's only a single leak. Low pressure, below 6,000 pounds per square inch or so, could mean more leaks farther down in the well."

  5. Face it, boyz. We be doomed.

  6. The ice is moving to the South Pole

    However it seems everywhere but here has been hotter than normal this first half of the year.

    Here we have st many records for low temperatures - coldest days, coldest nights, latest days in the year to hit 70, 80 & 90.

    So far only about three days over one hundred, and then only by one or tow degrees.

    Today is the first day of our first heat wave - 103 today, 105 tomorrow then tapering back off to 89 by Monday. Average is 94, we've been running in the mid 80's for the last four or five days.

  7. At this moment BP reporting valves fully shut - but they aren't showing us the gauge...

  8. I haven't caught the damn video showing it, the valve OR the flow, either. All this split screen bullshit of the busy little bots down there and NOT the horrendous flow from the blowout. Last I saw it had gotten much faster and stronger... looking more like the undersea volcanoes than the mellower hydrothermal vent action. Of course, BY NOW, we can't believe a damn word they say and it's about the smartest thing to take everything they say, translate it into its opposite and THAT will be much more likely to approximate the truth.

  9. CNN news flash in my inbox:

    SEC: Goldman Sachs to pay record $550 million and reform practices to settle subprime mortgage fraud charges.


    But whose going to jail?

    It does say FRAUD doesn't it?

  10. If we want it any different... say, if we want our actual country and Constitution and justice system... we have to MAKE it happen. Plain as the nose on your face. Force is mandatory. Nothing else will stop them. and $550 million is CHUMP CHANGE to them. CHUMP CHANGE.

    Put on yer war paint.

  11. ACE

    Now That is really strange - I guess Google logged itself in to an old defunct Google mail identity from my work!

    I noticed it didn't ask for me to sign in when I posted the comment, but was in a hurry and didn't check it until now.

    48 hours of work so far this week - 8 more to go tomorrow - I'm going to bed!

  12. You should maybe dump yer cookies on yer work computer!

    Sleep tight.

    And I think you should listen to that ambient music station in yer office. Very soothing.


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