09 July 2010

if you're looking for me, i'm in bed

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Thinking it is well I don't remember ever being this sick before. I know I must've been but maybe I can blot out the memory of feeling so awful that death doesn't seem like a bad option. I feel now as though I'm going to live and I ate some sourdough toast with cream cheese a little while ago. There are ominous rumblings but I haven't broken into a sweat or barfed it back up yet. So I'm going back to bed. I haven't been out of bed very much for the last 24 hours. I'm sleeping in one of those fancy future foam things and have been too sick to enjoy it.

I am predicting a general state of wellness to come over me in the morning.

Don't burst my bubble.



  1. You may be sick,
    But I see you are still rocking the place!

  2. Yes. It is NOT advisable to piss me off!


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