19 July 2010

it might be my karma to transcend the enticements of mr north for life

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He goddam made it so I could download my song to my Mac, and now I think I gotta put the sucker on my dock, or turn it into something I can loop on iTunes, because, if it wasn't bad enough before, with the link always handy for a trip to its YouTube page, it's a thousand times worse now. Frickin great thing the redwoods love all the same music I do.

I finally managed to turn off the ambient station very late last night... well... very early this morning... and not resort to it first thing I turned on my machine this morning. I'm proud to report that even with these thousand things of infinite postaltude buzzing around my aura like a swarm of psycho bees, I haven't shot anyone yet. I haven't beaten the dog. I have been gracious to callers. I have been even helpful and understanding of a bunch of aggravatingly-mundane blather. Someone might call this "balanced" if they couldn't hear this song blasting out the windows and into the trees without letup.

I'm letting YOU know because true humans confide EVERYTHING to true humans.

It's one of the laws of physics they haven't gotten to yet... obviously.



  1. It's good to do new things.

    Very good in fact!

  2. Especially when they're not merely new incarnations of the same old things.

  3. Your spirit will tell you the difference.


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