19 July 2010

i don't trust germany or israel with this

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There were ancient masters who forbade their students to write down anything they said, but some did, covertly, anyway, and it has ended up helping future generations... while probably NOT helping the cheaters. There are many, many writers with the sense to burn the stuff they don't want surviving them BEFORE they check out. There are some who only say it on their deathbeds, knowing full well it will only goad their survivors the more to publish it. There are some unlucky stiffs who realize too late they're too feeble to do it themselves, or are killed before they can do it, and the world has to suffer the wreck of stuff they did not publish for very good reason. I don't know which of these applies. I just know I don't trust either country with the call. I especially dread Zionists—from wherever—whether the good-hearted kind or the sociopathological kind—having control over any translation of his stuff. It might take centuries to undo the harm that might be done.

It could become downright Kafkaesque.



  1. The part about Israel laying claim to the works because Brod immigrated there threw me for a loop!


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