03 July 2010

oh, well, this will be easier

[click image]


You should bookmark this page. I've been linking it on a big long page full of charts and links and weather data that may take some of you a month to load, if you could get it to load at all, and this graphic is the one I find most useful. I don't know what happened to the strings of oil broken off from the main block that used to be swirling well south of the spill. Maybe they got slammed back into it by the prevailing currents. Anyway, this puppy shows what you can expect the oil to be doing, projected out a few days, at any given time you go to visit it. I visit it every day or two.



  1. We need one of those maps for the underwater plumes which seem to have been totally forgotten about in the MSM news.

    Of course that is by plan...

  2. Yes. They are doing their pump lies, wipe sites, stonewall, photo op, pump lies thing for all it's worth on this one. They ALWAYS wear us down! NOTHING drains stamina like a constant stream of lies and disappearing evidence.

    That's pretty much why I'm convinced we have to physically pluck them from their positions or NOTHING sane and decent will EVER happen again.


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