03 July 2010

whoa, am i ever glad i listened to this!

[click image — Sheesh, I put the wrong Max link in here! Fixed now. Sooooorry... senior succession of moments....]


As you probably know, Max Keiser does a bunch of different shows on tv, internet and radio, and most of them are with Stacy Herbert. There is rarely a time when any random click on any of their stuff doesn't yield up at least ONE really good bit that you shouldn't have missed, but in this case, near the end, came something out of Max's mouth that was just transcendentally amazingly improbably excitingly blessedly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

You will recall I recently begged you to listen to Derrick Jensen again. Well Max just got finished stating that it isn't going to be the wars, or the economy that does us in. He said, clear as a bell, a few times, IT WILL BE OUR ECOLOGY.

The guy's such a hotshot, I bet it won't be more than a day or two before he realizes it will be the whole world's ecology... though mostly because of us... well... wait... wasichu.


Does that rock, or whut?


Aaaaaagh! I know perfectly well that he spells it K-E-I-S-E-R, but go ahead and spell it "Kaiser" about 90% of the time anyway! WTF? Computers turn yer brains into mush! The tubes make it exponentially worse because yer whalin' on it, tryin' to communicate, hair on fire, the whole way. So you do obnoxious shit like this, without even noticing it! Colombia turned into "Columbia" somewhere in here, my brain, over the last couple years too. I used to have the laser eye for proofing. NOT. ANYMORE.

I punished myself by going back through my blog to try to find every time I'd spelled it "Kaiser" and correct that egregious error. Whut? Do I need to start sprinkling crack into my coffee? I put the completely wrong link in here, while all excited and bouncing up and down, and did not realize my error until hours later, AND adding a thank you comment on the wrong thread at his blog. I have to drive for six or so hours in a day or two or three. WILL. I. MAKE. IT?

And, dammit, I know a lot of people are reading this blog, and you COULD pipe up about this sort of thing, you know! You don't even have to uncloak, to officially stop lurking, in order to just anonymously blurt something about mistakes like that, you know. You could just write, "99, you senile old twit, you spelled Max's name wrong AGAIN. love, lurker" and I would be so pleased, so grateful, so toadally happy to overlook your bad manners....


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