02 August 2010

dave is not budging on his pessimism here

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You might think I'm the very portrait of gloom and doom, but my dearest old friend makes me look like Snow White before the prince rescued her from her own innocence. Sheesh. He's NOT going to overlook Assange's weird and callous statment about 9/11 and grumbles that if the MSM is giving Assange this much play, he must be performing a service for the wrong people.

I don't like what Assange said about 9/11 conspiracies, but I know that several other highly respected and important people have made similar statements, to my shock, and have had to allow as how they cannot have credibility with their work if they do not do this sort of thing. I feel it would be best for them to simply nut up on the matter, not to besmirch the people working their hearts out to bring out the truth, but that simply won't do the trick for most of the people who are working at blasting some actuality out of our criminal government. If you are dealing with ANYTHING the power elite will try to downplay or minimize, their very first tactic is to diss you as some sort of conspiracy nut, and nothing works better to head off that action from interviewers than a gratuitous swipe at Truthers. I don't like it. I hate it. I understand it.

I don't think we should shut our minds to people because of this. Just like we shouldn't shut our minds to people who think the Queen of England shape-shifts back and forth between a large dragon-like space reptile that eats virgins and her dowdy old impeccable human form. Despite the fantastical, despite the despicable, despite any amount of disagreeable things coming out of people's mouths, we should NOT shut our minds to what else they have to say or teach. We all know that there are plenty of well-motivated people who diss Truthers. We would like to slap them silly for it, but we don't doubt that they wish the best for the world anyway. I don't think we should be harder on Assange in this respect than we are on Uncle Barney who rescues stray cats and gripes about the conspiracy nuts who think 9/11 was an inside job.

Anyway, anyway, there, to my mind, IS something kind of fishy about all this; to wit: They keep saying they can't find Assange. Give me a break! He's done a shitload of interviews over the latest leaks. I know our guys aren't as smart as James Bond by half, but, truly, this is unbelievable.

Notwithstanding anything less than glorious about his character, or EVEN if he's somehow playing a role meant to feed us propaganda, EVEN if it's all just some sick theater, the very NOTION of someone doing this is laudable enough all by itself. It is good for people to see men standing up against the terror machine, EVEN if they're faking.

Some heavy hitters are on his side, people I trust, and they might be being taken in like the rest of us, or the fucker at Cryptome who hates him and those who are outraged about his 9/11 comment are using him to illustrate their anger, not exactly thinking it all the way through... snapping their minds shut because of their anger... snapping our minds shut because of our confusion... just generally being in SUCH a state of horrified exasperation that our brains are pretty much globally attempting to shut down on us. We have to WORK at keeping them functional. One can't just point to the sleeping masses, believe oneself to be above it, and then succumb to the tons and tons and tons of sleeping powder being dropped on us daily.

The enemy is VERY good at this, and your own ego can kill you. Times like this demand putting a sock in that screaming from the ego and drinking as much coffee as it takes to get and stay awake.



  1. This fucker at Cryptome doesn't hate Assange and is not angry. Julian is remarkably entertaining at pulling the leg of authorities and picking the pockets of his believers. I admire his blarney, his posedowns with DoD, his bed-tossed hairdo, his wrinkle-free puss, his bar-rat slouch. Other than those personal excellences there is not much to see in Wikileaks land. The Aghan War Diary files appear bogus to anyone with direct experience with military intel files, but intel files are always bogus on purpose, meant to be inscrutible, cover for ineptitude, aimed at prolonging carnage as long as possible. Now I love war as much as the next patriot so long as nobody I love is a victim of it, and I make a decent profit supplying it goods and services nobody in his right mind would take even at WalMart sales day. Here's to Julian Assange at the Wikileaks Cast-Off Shop.

  2. You'll pardon me if I don't exactly believe you on the not-angry and don't-hate score... I'm sure.... Maybe "hate" was too strong a word but it's darn evident you seeeriously do not like him. Right there. Right there, you make that much more work for EVERYONE because anyone can see whatever you say about him can't be trusted any more than what, say, the president says about him. Thanks a lot.

  3. Oh, well, and you know what? I'm just sitting here thinking yer probably offended by my referring to you as a "fucker"... which I did because I've caught snippets of you besmirching Assange in public for nothing more substantive than your differences in style. BUT it also occurs to me that I did not link your site, which would have been gracious, and in keeping with the good work YOU try to do, so I will remedy that now. Sorry.

    Anyway, you illustrated my point about being led down the garden path by people who are snappish out of anger, and I thank you for it! I do.

  4. Does Assange acknowledge the possibility that he is leaking disinformation he's been fed?

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Iran is waging a covert campaign against US-led forces in neighboring Afghanistan by providing money, arms, training and safe haven to Taliban insurgents, according to leaked US military intelligence.

    Reports from Afghan spies and paid informants, described in papers published on whistleblower website Wikileaks, accuse the Iranian government of directly supporting the insurgents.

  5. I have not heard him acknowledge that, and it is a real possibility... OR just a byproduct of the propagandistic shit that went into the stuff to begin with. He HAS said that he's not antiwar, per se, not taking a position on whether or not we should be in Afghanistan, but definitely anti war CRIMES, and THAT is his purpose. Again, this could be whistleblower strategery or it might be how he really feels OR it might be the kind of stuff he has to say, is told to say, in order to stay alive.

    I'm just sure he did not start out as some sort of covert op to mindfuck us... and ALMOST sure he's not purposely mindfucking us now.

    PLUS the part where just putting up the front of doing such a magnificent thing is a benefit of itself, EVEN if it has been a lie from start to finish. BECAUSE, if it's all a lie, they've outsmarted themselves in it, produced a lie that points directly at TRUTH. [That truth being that true humans take these kinds of risks to do the right thing.]

  6. And the fuckers across the tubes who are badmouthing him personally are very likely doing it to the detriment of us all. A great many rock star journalists are dying to get their sources to feed him the documentation so they can REPORT on the stuff without going to jail for not revealing their sources or having to cave in and reveal them. What he is doing is providing a MEANS for the public to get REAL information. SOME of those journalists are seriously cool people, still mystically employed at mainstream media, and I know for certain that a few of them would do anything to topple the fascist lock on the media. THEY are backing Assange. Maybe they also are being tricked, but MAYBE they will out!


    This is the ONE chance for things to turn around and I wish people would CONSIDER THAT MORE CAREFULLY before bitching that he's feeding the right too many lines to bludgeon us with and shit like that... and the Cryptome guy above should shut his jealous yap on this account too. EVEN if he hates him, even if anyone hates him, they should THINK about the service to humanity that MAY be coming of all this... that even if it turns out Assange is feeding us stuff the bad guys want us to think, he's paving the way for better people to GET IT DONE someday.

  7. I fear he may be paving the way those who want the sheeple to support attacks on Iran and/or Pakistan.

  8. I have published the perfect rebuttal to that argument HERE.


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