02 August 2010

what i expect and never get

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Can't help but contrast our pathetic responses to disasters here.
Dmitry Medvedev declared the emergency on Monday in the regions of Mairi El, Mordovia, Vladimir, Voronezh, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Ryazan.

The decree allows the authorities to restrict public access to areas where their presence could pose a fire hazard, and to call on the armed forces to put out and prevent fires.

Vladimir Putin, the prime minister, also ordered regional governors at an urgent meeting to present a detailed reconstruction plan.
I guess the victims from NOLA and environs can console themselves about their homes STILL not being rebuilt because they would be adding the toxins from the Gulf Blowout to the toxins in the FEMA trailers to their bloodstreams now if we'd had a government capable of functioning even enough to handle reconstruction of decimated homes. That is NOT hard. That does NOT take a rocket scientist, and OUGHT to be one of the FIRST things on any budget, and something similar to what Putin said should be one of the first things out the mouths of those in charge.

The article says the Russian people are griping about how SLOW their government has been to respond to these wildfires. Yipes! They've been lightning fast to compare. Faster than THAT.


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