08 August 2010

don't you just love the headlines at TIME?

[click image]


"Who is the New Guerilla Group Threatening Chaos in Greece?"

Buncha Einsteins running around there.

The new guerillas are beyond ANY shadow of a doubt BODHISATTVAS sick of taking your shit lying down.

I mean, DUH.



  1. Chuck Berry is spinning in his grave.

  2. That's even WORSE. Probably give him a stroke.

    I'm getting tired of being misinformed about people's state of livingness and deadness. The whole reason I dared pick "Agent 99" as my screen name, beside of course it being my nickname with my "husband", who was known to shrinks as Maxwell Smart, was in homage to a woman I had been told had died. SHE'S STILL ALIVE!

    HQ must have known my intent was genuine or they never would have picked me to replace her, but... this upstart playing me in the movies now... well... she's certainly cute, but she does NOT get it covered.


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