08 August 2010

i'm not kidding about these russian fires

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Follow the links at this piece. I also found a world fire map that pretty well blew my mind. What the HELL is going on? Why the fuck isn't this stuff splattered all over the front pages of everything? WHO is in charge of this shit, of deleting from the possibility of our knowledge so much crucial information?

And what really irks me the most is that people have no hope of getting to the bottom of all the information, even when we get it. It takes armies of GOOD FAITH ACTORS coming together to gather and pore through the information to get it into a form that is even remotely tenable for the average person to take it all in. WHERE ARE THEY? Don't mention the intertubes to me because most of the ones people visit are corporate-owned, for profit or nonprofit, and even when not pumping you with propaganda like their MSM brothers and sisters, ARE NOT CUTTING IT.

WTF is wrong with everybody?

In view of our dull acceptance and/or avid denial of reality, can we be surprised the powers that be are treating us like a big herd of brainless sheep whose individual lives are virtually meaningless to them?

I rather think not.



If you cannot get the world fire map to load, here it is for today....



  1. This morning in the Sacramento Bee they had an article talking about the Russian People's growing anger over the response they have been getting from their government in regards to the fires.

    I tried to find it in the online version, but it seems to have been replaced with this drivel...

  2. I can't ever get the SacBee stuff. I get the login shit instead.

    I made a screenshot of today's world fire map for you and added it to the post.

  3. Oh, well, never mind. If I copy it and do it on one of my browsers that erases the cookies when I exit, it loads just fine. It's like the NYT. What shit.

  4. I think you have to sign up or something. I signed up years ago when they had a "Club" which offered savings on concert tickets, restaurant coupons, etc.

    That club seems to have gone away, I never get updates from it anymore, or maybe they don't have my current email address.

  5. Firemap must have been down for servicing or something - almost instantaneous now!

  6. Finally:

    Typically there are few wildfires per week in a region, and they don't affect every region. However, an especially dry year along with careless use of matches and cigarettes during two national festivals in May caused fire activity to inevitably skyrocket, especially in the East of Russia.


    Serghey Pyrkov, dispatcher for the Far East Forest Protection Aviation Base, stated that 90% of wildfires were caused by human action, but also mentioned numerous ignitions along railroads.

    Also listed are people burning grasses to harvest fern sprouts and to kill a bug infestation.


    But a more appalling cause of mass forest fires surfaced in this season: commercial arson. Police investigations have revealed that many ignitions in Eastern Siberia and the far eastern regions were organized by private logging companies to obtain cheap contracts for salvage logging of charred tree stands.

    In these regions, many small logging companies are controlled by criminal organizations. They hire teenagers or vagabonds to set fire in valuable forest plots. In mid-May, three teenagers were caught by foresters while placing lighted matches on the forest floor in the Usolsky district of the Irkutsk region.

  7. Thank you. Thank you.

    Just go ahead and shoot me now, PLEASE.

  8. See, I'm NOT convinced because so much of it is concentrated right in the middle of the Caucasus and Caspian basin... AND around really vital structures and things even more dangerous than usual. It seems too fucking fishy to me.

    I don't suppose Russia would be advertising any sabotage anyway, I guess, and so AGAIN we come up against a situation where it's fishy as all fuck and NO way to get to the bottom of it... except the attainment of total omniscience.


  9. I mean, it REALLY is as though tailored specifically to keep Russian troops SO overloaded with existential threats they CAN'T come to Iran's aid when we nuke them.

    And that lame bit about a terrorist attack on a Japanese ship in the Strait of Hormuz. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! If that is so, it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT NOT Iranian doing.

    They're setting up to completely cripple effective retaliation from Iran.

  10. Russia can't get supply trains or troops down through their corridor of open access because of the raging fires. Iran might not be able to block off the strait, as promised, if we have it completely controlled.

    Fidel sees it.

    I see it.


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