06 August 2010

i don't know if you have the moxie to listen to this

[click image, audio, mp3, two hours]


It starts out with that unendurable jaguar purring at Kerry Cassidy's door, the ENTIRE endurance test of it, and then proceeds straight into a discussion of the death of the Gulf loop current, and psychic reports of Atlantis rising again, and the near approach of our solar system's dwarf star, and the impending ice age, and the global elite doing this on purpose, and global famine, and lort only knows what more lies ahead of me as I listen, but, dammit, I'm getting that PhD. I don't care how crazy you think I am. Fantastical as it is so far, and irksome with creepy personalities, all that, there's a bunch of interesting things to consider here. There's some guy over at CERN who has been studying this problem with the loop current for a decade or so, and he's telling people this heralds the very quick onset of glaciation in Europe... which is great news for the polar bears, but means famine for humans. So. It's not all horseshit.

If you feel Olympian, by all means, join me.


Oof dah. That was agonizing. I thought the first hour was doable, but the second hour made me head for my tub of mega-ibuprofen. Learning of the multifarious ideas and beliefs of sentient beings can be very hard on the nerves. I'm next sucking on some B12....


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