04 August 2010

i told them so and told them so and nobody would shut up

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I was nearly dead of the ceaseless sensationalizing of wedge issues, the endless obnoxious cleverisms in opposition to the great unwashed, the unenlightened thumpers of Bibles, the bearers of inferior genetic material who dared be nervous about this sort of thing.
SAN FRANCISCOA federal judge overturned California's gay-marriage ban Wednesday in a landmark case that could eventually force the U.S. Supreme Court to confront the question of whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to wed.
I pleaded with them to put a sock in it, that it was in fact a nonissue they should not try to keep as a wedge, that our gay brothers and sisters would win it in court, take this off the street, don't perpetuate the divisions utterly needlessly and so lethally to the whole world's detriment... oh, I am weak with the oceans of reasons I remember employing to beseech them all to please, for the love of life itself, desist, desist, stop making this worse. But they only became incensed that I should feel that unburdening themselves on the matter in public was only incendiary, not helpful, not pro-Constitution, not pro-gay marriage, JUST heating the branding iron to be used on their own butts. I was accused of homophobia!

I told them so.

They fucking would not listen.

Now, of course, they've switched their energies over to the Tea Partiers.

I think I will have some of that brand new tub of aspirin I got in town today.


How much more do we revile each other out of any possibility of unity because of this stuff? Are you really incapable of seeing that the same forces you can spot so clearly on the "right" are at work IDENTICALLY on the "left"? It would certainly seem so. The Democratic-Fascist Party plays you like a fiddle. You are their goddam Stradivarius, a vast symphony of priceless violins. The Republican-Fascists have armies of master fiddlers and bows rosined for the duel.

My money's on Johnny.


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