03 August 2010

i'm appalled

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I have been ducking around in the tubes to see what people are saying about Julian Assange and I am appalled. Some paragon of groupthink is pissed because Assange reminding us that Taliban are also Afghans will supposedly give rightwing warmongers something to bludgeon us lefty peaceniks with. Excuse me, Agonistas, but yer fucking Democratic-Fascists are every bit as warmongering as yer Republican-Fascists, and I personally appreciate the man using the attention he's getting to remind the public of certain fundamentals we seem to have completely forgotten.

People are accusing Assange of being an "attention whore". Mother fuck. You get out there and do that and see what it's like. People seemed to lap up Sibel Edmonds' intermittent attention-gathering blitzes, which drove me crazy, because she NEVER came out with anything to add to the nothing we got from her to begin with, but the woman had to be plenty scared that the public forgetting her would make her disposable. And how much the MORE so does this have to be for Julian Assange, who IS splatting it all out there at every opportunity?

I know, I know, some of you are suspicious of his motives, or of the fact that he's still walking around, or whatever it is you are skeptical about, but just SUPPOSE for a moment that everything you've been hearing about Wikileaks' mission is TRUE, and Assange is their frontman. I find myself afraid to mention in pixels the people I know are supporting him in case it gets some really great journalists in trouble. I believe it. I believe it because I've been watching it play out, and I've been noting all these people I respect giving him support, and I know goddam well anyone working that hard to wreck the lethal secrecy of criminal governments is heavily in danger of being assassinated. The only protection he has is popularity with the public. AND HE DESERVES IT.

Fuck you.

No. Really. Fuck you.

You scumbucket groupthink bloggers are empowering the bad guys with your petty bitching.

I hope each of you chokes on a pretzel.





  1. I know, some of you are suspicious of his motives.

    Not me, I sent a little $ there way to help them in this battle.

  2. Did you catch this.


  3. jo - just down the page from your link is this:

    Surveillance in China

    I saw the article Glenn discusses this morning in the Sacramento Bee.

    I could only laugh at the irony!

    Sheesh sheeple - get a fucking clue!

  4. Hey! Thanks for the links. I haven't caught anything today. I've been busy with bumping into walls and doing the diagnostics on my dead computer.

    I am MIGHTILY glad to see the ACLU suing the president. THAT ROCKS!

  5. Holy pinhole Batman!

    I woke up this morning buried under too many blankets with the sheets below me somewhat damp.
    I figured I must have been sweating a bunch and didn't think anything more about it.

    Tonight I leaned on the water bed to reach some clothes Rin had folded so I could put them in my drawer.

    My hand landed in the middle of a fucking puddle!
    Having stripped back the bedding I found the culprit - a crack in the mattress were there was a crease along the side.

    I found the patch kit - a miracle in itself, living with three cohabitants who "put things away" never in the same place twice and fail to register the most current location in their mental log!

    Having braced the mattress with rolls of towels and weighting it down with a gold pan full of pennies (worth more than any gold I ever found with it) I was able to get the leaking area horizontal so I could glue it.

    Waiting now for the glue to finish drying so I can put on new dry bedding after the foam pad dries out.

    I so want a nice pillowtop regular mattress, this waveless soft sided water bag really sucks. It has permanent embeddments in it where we sleep! You can't even roll over for crying out loud, and if one of us gets out the other bottoms out on the plywood underneath. We tried more water, but then it is like sleeping on the side of a mountain!

  6. Oh, crikey, BB2. You know fucking good and well you are going to wake up in a mother fucking lake tonight. You KNOW it! Goddammit!

  7. I've pulled out my snorkel and inquired about wetsuit rentals!

  8. I think I'd just go for the couch... but the couch probably isn't long enough for you.... Warm summer night... maybe stretch out on the porch?

  9. but the couch probably isn't long enough for you


    maybe stretch out on the porch

    Nah, the tweakers would keep me up all night arguing in the street or washing the tree...

    Seriously, they wash the trunk of their redwood tree when they get the good batch!


  11. Hey,

    They often are fun to watch!


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