03 August 2010

i'm sorry i've been ignoring you all day

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But I've had a couple thousand distractions, not the least of which was my friend Billy having a purple spotted cow about how much he hates my grouchy old woman image at the top of my sidebar. He wants me to put up one of my youthful babe shots so he can reminisce and young people might be tricked into paying attention to me.

This is goddam DHARMA coming out the the mouth of Billy Bulldog, legendary sex fiend, who doesn't hold with no eyeball straining on those irritating strings of words they bind up and expect you to flaunt on your bookshelves. I gotta tell you all about Billy, but at this moment I'm too busy reeling from the sterling point he made on the phone to me while we were hashing out his inheritance of my RAM cards for his old Mac and the apocalyptic travails of your darling, soft-spoken and never-endingly sweet hostess here. I had particularly liked that image because the expression was a good mixture between disapproval and suspicion, and the color and shadows had been so irredeemably botched on it that I'd had to do all kinds of crazy things to it to keep the expression, make myself look older and meaner, the pleasing, pleasing, pleasing-to-me OPPOSITE of vanity, and I liked the wreck I made of it. Billy hates it. My mother whines about how old it makes me look, which, of course, by extension, makes her at least a hunnert an' twenny....

So for now I just made it look a little less ferocious, while I'm thinking over some of the teaching that came tripping off Billy's tongue earlier, just exactly as though he had the first part of a clue what he was talking about. And I'll probably add more to this post, or go off posting madly on all the stuff your comments have brought up for me and the other bits of news that have poked me in the eye today, or both, or neither... but probably not neither.


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