01 August 2010

it's politically correct to invest in a supply of specific feathers

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But not to just flat out invest in repopulating the species we have decimated.

I see the restoration people down on the Mattole, after twenty years of billing themselves as river and watershed restoration types, receiving untold millions in grants along the way, have only recently been furrowing their brows about the coho that have been needing restoring all that time. I'm remembering the rednecks there bitching to me full time about the DEARTH of restoring the environmentalists were accomplishing. They were getting fancy new driveways that were graded wrong, such that they'd start sliding right on down into the Mattole again come the first storm, but marking them on their foundation's books as restoration work anyway. But I guess up here we are at least managing to pay some indians to figure out the problems none of us will be able to get corrected. That's something.


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