01 August 2010

oh, sheesh, petras, please

[click image]


Are you going soft?
Likely, the combination of a new phase of the recession, perpetual austerity and mindless imperial wars can turn the current mass malaise and diffuse hostility against the economic and political elite toward socialist movements, parties and trade unions.
Those are already too long in place, PLUS apocalyptic insults to the environment, PLUS still record numbers of foreclosures, homeless and jobless, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Think massive giveaways of testosterone patches or something. Crikey.


  1. Was I supposed to understand what she was singing?

  2. Click on the upside down chevron to the right of the text below the video player - it has the lyrics.

  3. Well, that was darn helpful!

    Yes. No. Depending on what way you take it. Move away from the guns for sure if you mean war, but move toward them if you mean revolution, and I don't think we'll stop the wars without a revolution. Doing the math, just doing the math.


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