13 August 2010

liberal wingnut trolls

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I find I am beginning to lose my patience on the subject of Julian Assange. I think this is happening because I still fear actually naming the journalists I know are behind Assange and Wikileaks, that my being frustrated in that urge is making me feel testy about people persisting in suspicions I feel have been planted by the Democratic-Fascists to mindfuck you further into uselessness against their true purpose.

I'm pretty pissed off about this.

I don't know if you'd find this salient, but the jackass at the image link had a blog on Obama's campaign page... and this feels a lot like the bust of Obama people planting fake racists in Tea Party protests.

You guys need to remember that perception management is everything to this administration, to the global elite. It is VITAL to them that you keep fighting with your fellows and swimming around in the bottomless glue pits of confusion they keep at a hard simmer for you. There are only a very few of them and there are billions of us. ALL they have to do to keep us down is to keep us benighted. And almost nobody seems even remotely inclined to snap out of it.

I'm begging you: SNAP OUT OF IT.


A good showing by John Pilger.



  1. Odd - the link no longer goes directly to the comment...

    cliffhammond [Moderator] Today 12:29 PM
    Assange is either an agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency (infected with neocons) or is a "useful idiot" to them. For god's sake, look who he's leaking to -- three of the most U.S. and U.K. intelligence-friendly newspapers in the world, the New York Times, the Guardian and Spiegal.

    If Defense Intelligence really wanted him don't you think they could kidnap him anywhere in the world? He's been giving press conferences all over London.

    Now that the public "knows" about Iran and Pakistan supporting the Taliban don't you feel angry? Don't you feel so angry that you're willing to snap at Obama for not attacking Iran and Pakistan sooner? For not being more stridently militant? Don't you feel angry that "net neutrality" has facilitated this "treason"? Don't you feel angry that Obama has not yet ordered a complete clamp down on the Internet and that he has so far only given the nod to Google and others to open their files to the NSA so they can keep an eye on peace activists and sell fast access to the big money boys who deserve it because they worked hard for their privileges all their lives?

    Cheney and his neocon minions, including Israel, are actively subverting the Obama Administration. Cheney brought the turf war inside CIA to a new level of crisis when, in a snub to CIA moderates, he moved the neocon/mossad hawks to the Pentagon and set them up in a completely neocon dominated Office of Special Plans from where they manufactured the intelligence against Saddam -- all of it lies and forgeries, such as the Niger Yellowcake Forgery -- and then, when Cheney was nailed for his lies, reframed the crisis as "bad intelligence" and blamed in on CIA by getting DCI George Tenet to take the fall. But not before neocon Larry Franklin of the Office of Special Planing was nailed by the FBI for espionage while transporting classified documents on U.S. plans for the Iraq invasion to and from the Israeli Embassy. He quickly pleaded guilty to avoid public spectacle after which his sentence was reduced to a finger shaking above his nose for getting caught.

    To wit: Cheney, Netanyahu, their Defense Intelligence cabal of neocons and Mossad agents have for months been pressuring Obama to be more aggressive in the Middle East and to relent from criticizing Israel for its Zionist program of settlement expansion into Palestinian territories (Mossad was an integral part of CIA since Dir. of Counter Intel James Angleton trained them.. They now infect CIA and the Pentagon after Cheney introduced their near official status in the latter within the Office of Special Plans. Israel can be compared to Constantinople in that it serves as the capital of the Eastern Empire with analogous growing power as the Western Empire collapses).

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  4. Blogger told me the comment was too long, so I split it up and re-posted in segments, then it posted the whole thing anyway.

    (The last time I deleted one of my comments it gave me a second choice to remove all traces. That choice seems to not be available now.)

  5. I think you just didn't wait for the page to load all the way. it goes right to the comment in question.

  6. And this was my brilliant riposte:

    No. I think Julian Assange is trying to help certain decent journalists at those publications have a viable basis for reporting actuality instead of propaganda. There are some seriously great and impeccably reputable journalists helping Assange every way they can.

    We cannot know for certain he hasn't been assigned "useful idiot" status, but we can feel certain of his good motives. Even if we couldn't, the mere sight of someone seeming to act with this much courage and conviction can ONLY encourage more of it.

    So, I, for one, from scrupulous attention, know he is, and Wikileaks is, for real, but even if they were not, they are still giving decent people everywhere the right idea about how to be a responsible adult in a world run by the criminally insane.

  7. And, yes, Blogger fakes you out on the "too long comment" thing regularly. It tells me mine has been too long and then I find it posted it anyway. Sort of turned into a nag feature I think. A you-talk-too-much screen....


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