08 August 2010

make 'em clamber for fascism

[click image — PDF]


Here is the long-awaited backbone for how King Genghis Ponzi Yoo can save the world from climate catastrophe — our latest euphemism for the action of the American rotating dictatorship — and make us love it.

Of course, it's also worded to make you think he's going to get tough on government and public waste, clamp down on those nasty old polluting industries, yadda, yadda, yadda, but you know as well as I do none of the big boys, the perps, will be fazed, but all of us will.

Even if you love the proposals on the table, you should be shocked and angry and ready to fight... or... maybe you don't care about the Constitution anymore. Maybe you just want to give up thinking about it at all.

What was that old saying?

Don't let the bastards wear you down?

They're wearing us down.



  1. Baby spiders dangling in front of my monitor - sheesh, another hatch. So small they get in right through the screens. They must not find much to eat in here, since we find very few adults. When we do find them we catch them and set them free outdoors.

    Tomorrow should be one of those mornings when a walk through the house means a face full of web strands as they have dropped from the ceiling everywhere.

    I'm going to bed now to dream...

  2. LOL

    That video is a DEEP truth about spiders!

  3. Earth's got a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell.


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