15 August 2010

take the time for this

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I asked you to pay attention to Alex Collier a night or two ago. I'm asking again. If you listened to him, or have heard him in the past, or bother to google around for videos of him speaking, you will know that beside sticking to an utterly fantastical story about visits with ETs, the guy is a FOUNTAIN of saving-all-sentient-beings talk, buddha talk. He's one of those "wingnuts" who calls what's happening now "socialism". I want you to listen to this man talking and TELL me he's some asshole more important to dis than to hear.

It's good practice for you, and it could be a crucial ingredient in something VITAL to life on earth.

Not a drill. This is not a drill.

You have been conditioned from childhood not to hear the truth, to opt for puffing up behind your opinion of others' beliefs or ideas, utterly incapable of hearing them, finding common ground with them, working with them to make a better world. You have been conditioned to insure the murderating fucks who run the world keep running the world. OPEN YER HEAD. Get a load of your error, and stop erring.

All these thought experiments I've been tossing at you? They were so you could learn how to hear past your conditioning, to hear what's being SAID instead of what you think of what's being said. You cannot keep a bead on actuality, even as it plays out right under your nose 24/7/365, until you learn to turn off the hall monitor planted in your head, take your intelligence out of the service of only your ego, and put it in the service of who you really are, who everyone is.

Stop being a fucking flummoxed zombie! We are in trouble deep.


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