08 August 2010

today in climate change denial

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And, lest it already have slipped yer mind, here is a screen shot of today's world fire map... probably no correlation, but, heck, just thought I'd mention it....



  1. [2010]

    Older, thicker ice melting in the southern Beaufort Sea

    This past winter's negative phase of the Arctic Oscillation transported old ice (four, five, and more years old) from an area north of the Canadian Archipelago. The ice was flushed southwards and westward into the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, as noted in our April post. Ice age data show that back in the 1970s and 1980s, old ice drifting into the Beaufort Sea would generally survive the summer melt season. However, the old, thick ice that moved into this region is now beginning to melt out, which could further deplete the Arctic’s remaining store of old, thick ice. The loss of thick ice has been implicated as a major cause of the very low September sea ice minima observed in recent years.

    National Snow and Ice Data Center


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