23 September 2010

beelzebub and the antichrist are not the same thing, right?

[click image, via Agent BB2]


I can't keep it straight, but Iblis is definitely at play in Washington, DC and London and Paris and Tel Aviv, and much as I value those, like David Degraw, who are adult enough to come out and say it, we need to be saying it out loud to each other face to face. Too much reading material for the dumbed masses, and too much for those of us who flit from site to site, hardly reading more than the headlines, or even for those like me who grab the headlines, give a quick skim to see if it merits a hard skim and then if it's still got me, I make the sucker as readable as possible and read it carefully.

Sometimes twice.

There's no time for that shit.

Times are so bad for so many chaos and random detonations of violence will break out all over soon. Stormtroopers await. When that makes America explode into riots the false flag will happen and WWIII will rip everyone from the streets and onto the killing fields.

If you did nothing else with DeGraw's piece this morning, a medium skim should have convinced you. If it did not, read a little more closely. If that doesn't work, get yer ass to a monastery. Get out of the way.


Bless Ahmadinejad....

love, 99

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