23 September 2010

the trials and tribulations of outer blogistan

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You will note, please, the handy little toolbar gizzy has disappeared from my page. There were two reasons for this: [1] I didn't like it very much; and [2] they notified me that their free service will expire soon. The first reason was dispositive, but I didn't feel rushed. The second reason would soon become dispositive, but it pissed me off so badly I just yanked it immediately.

I don't have the moxie to run all over the tubes to find search functions that I like better and would work at least nearly as well as the Google option, and the same thing for translating. So, for now, I just will deal with it. The 99 button under the fancy new feed button on my sidebar, which is but a smaller version of the above, takes you to the entire sharing universe, bip bam. It is NOT as intimidating as it looks at first. Just starting to type the service you want, including TwitFace and MyBook and Ribbit and Dredggit and StumbleBum, the works, and what you want pops right up. Piece of cake. If you want to share the page, just click on the button and Bob's yer uncle. If you want to share a post, get on the individual post page and then click the button. Bob will turn out to be your uncle again.

I have been sighing so heavily all day I think I'm going to need to breathe into a paper bag pretty soon. So, well, I've done my best to be a nice, with it, accommodating, friendly freaked blogger, and I wish I could do it all smilingly, but, well, I'm just not so damn upbeat lately.



love, 99

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