23 September 2010

er uhm ah well wouldn't it have to be fictional gold then?

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I know for a fact there are waaaaay too many people watching this shit on CNBC so as to content themselves they're prudent and engaged investors... so... I just thought I'd mention this to help scare the pee out of you. I'm presently working off the theory that once the pee is all the way out of you, you will give up on the psychedelia and reach up out of your box for some fresh air, some serenity and objectivity, yer frickin' MIND.

love, 99


  1. Remember when gold was $35/troy ounce and our money was based on it?

  2. We're old. We don't count.

  3. Squawk Box...that's what they call the show.

    Collapse of US $...yes...USDX 40-45ish

    $5000 gold...I'll be old and grey, and I doubt I'll be able to get a denture through it to choke down a bite.

  4. Blather, it was blather, they blather incessantly and the people listening probably don't even grok the part about the dollar. They all either think they're smarter than these fucks and can maneuver around the troubles to get richer, but get robbed or think these guys are talking sense and get robbed. There shouldn't be an investor worth less than a few hundred million left in the market, almost everyone with a pension has no choice. I guess they could switch this on to wave good-bye to their retirements....

  5. Blather thru & thru.


    "Water, Water Everywhere

    The recent surge in the price of wheat as a summer-singed Russia banned exports should have been a sign that food security is a global tinderbox waiting to flare. Everyone has read the stories about Chinese officials wandering around Africa buying agricultural rights that last for decades; no-one wants to really consider the consequences of not being able to feed their kids.

    While the West was tinkering with its crops to grow allegedly environmentally friendly fuel for our automobile obsession, the nation that takes the long view was snapping up long-term leases on the world’s bread boxes. In the not-too distant future, nations that currently share rivers will divide into those geographically fortunate enough to be the source of those waterways, and those risking drought and deprivation."

    Did I ever tell you about running into the foreign minister of China when I was in Rwanda?

  6. I just got finished listening to a guy explaining monetized debt to Russian bankers... they don't even grok the system they're on... the whole world is on the Central Bank boogie now. He showed charts for the dead cat bounces and the head and shoulders patterns identical to those immediately before the crash in 1929. It's not just wheat. It's every other staple too.

    You ceased speaking of yer trip to Rwanda right after sending me that cute picture of you and a gorilla. Being a Zen Mistress, I let all my envy and curiosity float off into the ether.

  7. Well on my last day in Rwanda I got the nerve to go to one of the genocide memorials. 250,000 people buried there...sculls in one pile, arms in another. The first thing I thought odd was the armed guard(not odd) had a metal detector at the gate. I thought "Why would anyone want to bomb this place?"
    Being properly indoctrinated 'mericans we pass the checkpoint easily. So as we start our tour, imagine a holocaust museum, the place is pretty empty. After a few minutes, lots of people are around us and they have cameras(we were told NO photos) they are taking OUR photo. These people pass us and continue on. Then I figure it out. Behind them is the Chinese foreign miniter with about 20 people and camera crew, it's a photo op.

    Anyhow the Chinese and Germans have huge interest (conflicting with our huge interest) in central Africa. If I recall correctly it the Germans building a new international airport in Kigali, and the Chinese are building a new four lane road from there, past the National Park to the south, onto North Kivu where they export the resources of the Congo. I think the agreements with China are why Kagame is catching so much flak at the U.N.

    Not to mention Rwanda is some of the best farmland in the region. Black volcanic soil with earthworms as big around as your thumb and 2 feet long. I've got pics to prove it.

  8. When I was in Guatemala, I was told that my ride on the chicken bus up to Panajachel would have been exponentially hairier just a few months before. Germany had just paved it to make it easier on their tourists!

    The Chinese are genetically, and more importantly, culturally much more intelligent than we are. Their population needs to eat, and, heck, concept! They're doing something about it before they starve to death! OMG!

    Our plutocrats think they're rat bastards for lowering their population problem through the one child rule. Our plutocrats prefer billions of hungry kids to help them take everything from everyone smarter and better and humane.

    We were trained to view the Germans as bad guys. They are not. They too want to proactively do right by people, especially their own, but also others. I have never met a German who was not BOSSY and HUMORLESS, but BENT on making my life better.

    I wish I had money Sam. I bet you and I would make great traveling companions.

  9. If I had more money I'd take ya.

    Africa was once in a lifetime.
    Still on the list:
    Cuba (sooner the better)
    Cambodia (Angkor Wat)
    Alaska(I was warned I might not come back)
    return to Southern Mexico(friends want to go)

    GO TO------->


    I had just gotten back from Rwanda when I met Anthony Sloan. He had just gotten back from Chile and Easter Island. He was reading "Collapse". Soon, Anthony Sloan was a friend of mine, and we where drinking single malt in the Utah desert. When you see his work I'm sure you'll be his friend too.

    I spent a week riding bikes with him in Canyonlands NP(for work). Neither of us knew he would soon be dead. The were no warnings for the people around him, one day he didn't show up to work at Yeti. He was a ex-pro Cross-country mountain bike racer. His problem was a heart that was literally too big. The size of his heart interupted the electrical impulses that cause the heart to beat. He died in his sleep at 39.

  10. How odd. I'm listening to Ruppert at this moment. He's so bottomlessly neurotic, isn't he?

    I wish Sloan would be a LIVING new friend. My very dearest old friend is a determined athlete, still, at 59, and the doctors say her heart is too big and she has bundle branch block. I worry she's going to drop any time. I think back to all our hiking trips where I slogged and groaned and huffed and puffed and she went bounding ahead like a deer.

    It's true, though, Sam, we gotta live as though our time will be expired before the day is out. THAT is when we turn back into true humans, and GOOD stuff gets done.


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