18 September 2010

from a tea partier to lift my spirits

[click image]


Poppa would have LOVED it to bits. I love it to bits. I love my tea partier friend to bits.

I just do NOT understand why people can't LOOK at stuff like this, realize their mistake about their so-called politics and do the right things. I do NOT understand why people can't listen to supposed lunatics and find where their good faith efforts may have led them to their ideas, EVEN if we don't share them. Have you ANY idea how much actuality gets by you this way? Do you realize the richness and satisfaction missing from your life is just waiting to be filled in by someone you CALL a nut or an enemy?

It's truly as though some can't bring it to mind, let alone take to heart that these so-called bubbas have all kinds of intelligence and taste and humor and humanity that are to be adored by any who would but cease looking at them as though they were cartoons.

love, 99


  1. LOL

    Wonderful, I was wondering how they could be doing it with a straight face, then the whistling guy cracked up!

  2. It was really cool. I remember my grandmother getting a hankering to become a ukulele player... thought it was the weirdest idea, but she had all kinds of fun with it. SHE would have loved it too.


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