18 September 2010

your morning elvis

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It's just amazing what a little stopping and looking can show a body.

What seems to have me stopped in my tracks for a gape is the idea of all those millions of college-educated nodules of glorious debt forced back in with Mom and Dad will see one nuked city, or one Gulf Coast town with beings dropping like flies from the toxic miasma, or just plain old sick of everyone they love in such bad straits, while their own stomachs are way too empty way too much of the time, as reason enough to go for the paycheck and three squares of WWIII.

How can people resist reacting this way, when risking their own lives, even almost certainly giving their own lives, might help their immiserated loved ones? They can't, and they won't... unless... unless....

love, 99


  1. I can sure attest to those figures...

    I used to have a savings account - like about 25 years ago!

    Now it's paid on Friday, broke by Sunday, peanut butter by Thursday.

  2. The kid knows his stuff.


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