28 September 2010

i gotta memorialize this clip

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It contains a lot of pertinent information, notwithstanding some of it being suspect. I mean, there were plenty steel beams lying around on the day. Now did some, or even most, of them turn into that molten metal we had going under all three buildings for weeks after? Maybe.

I mean, I'm trying to synthesize in my head the evidence we have going for the straight demolition with use of military grade nano-thermitic material and the many indicators of something even wilder than that. One of the space lizard researchers I find most compelling is in Judy Wood's camp, the energy beam from space camp. Of course, his theories would dispose him toward that camp, but he's also familiar with both mainstream physics and this, shall we say, "black physics" and I have never been able to impeach his sincerity or Judy Wood's. It occurs to me that both camps could be right. That the buildings were set for demolition with the nanothermite and they tested their black technology on the Twin Towers.

If you've been paying attention here for very long, I think you will agree we've established that there IS a very large black arm of government for sure, over which not even the president has power. They run heavily to control of NASA. There is every indication they DO have complete knowledge of the scalar physics that accounts for the feasibility of such a weapon. We know, or can state with authority, that much.

It has occurred to me many times that WTC 7 might have been set to pull at any time because of the nature of the contents of the offices in it. This wouldn't be something they ever would want to admit. In my wild imaginings I sometimes try to think of how buildings everywhere may have been painted with nanothermite and/or shaped charges in case of the need to pull them in some sort of disaster scenario, but I can't ever quite bring myself to suppose the number of people who would have been involved in such an endeavor could have felt that would be safe, let alone keep it secret so long. I mention this to stress to you that I really do try to find any remotely feasible reason to allow for a good will explanation for any of it.

I'm left bothered by the paper not burning and the upholstery in the otherwise burnt-out cars. I can sort of account for the paper with the force of the blasts clearing it from the nanothermite. Thermite is no threat to paper, or cement, unless there is metal present. If the metal is ignited and melted by the thermite, then anything flammable near it should also burn. So anyway, I think there is room to suppose that Silverstein, who was unquestionably involved, may have been helped by this black arm of government a little more even than he and the rest of the perps may have suspected possible. They all had to know the planes would not take out the buildings. That's flat. But maybe they didn't know if the energy beams would work, but did know the thermite would, or vice versa.

I've never been able to nail down if nanothermite accounts for the force of the blasts. That keeps bugging me. It has been established that it was there in great quantity. There can be no arguing that, even as people do argue against it. It accounts for molten metal, and even otherwise untouched cars burning. Does it account for the spire evaporating right before our eyes? I didn't see anything indicating the kind of heat thermite puts out. And does it account for the particular form and radius of the blasts that disintegrated the towers? Somewhere is work showing that mini nukes could have done it, but I think that was debunked, and there'd have to be radiation somebody'd have measured by now. But a scalar weapon could account for everything that's been bugging me about the straight controlled demolition scenario.

It could be that truth researchers in different camps may be squabbling over an either/or when it's feasibly both/and, so I want to be sure my blog has this link.


Decided to look into Judy Wood's theory a little. Here is a guy trying hard to debunk her, and even seeming to succeed, but if you are listening and watching closely, nope, he sure failed. Here is a little playlist I just made of one of her lectures. Just for ducks, see if you can follow her train of thought. Pay close attention to that image in the "debunking" video. Two thirds of the building is gone, but there is no debris falling between the "snowball" of the blast wave and the lower floors of the tower. Nothing big enough to be visible. There should be beams in the space below the snowball and the bottom of the image. There's nothing there. That is significant as heck.


Well, and she has a whole page full of videos at her site.... I'm noting that she is not the greatest speaker, but usually corrects herself, and I am following her logic just fine, but it is work, where Dr. Jones and Richard Gage are much easier to follow.

Except... ugh... Dr. Wood's actually making more sense. Then... ugh... it's even harder to accept than the straight CD stuff. She does not contest the presence of thermite, or that it was a controlled demolition. In fact she shows pretty convincingly that it was even more controlled than most Truthers even understand. So she is not against the CD model at all, just puts in the theory that accounts for what happened and more about how.

I gotta look some more, but I'm going her way at this moment.


2am... Guess what I've been doing for the last five hours....

I don't think I could have quite gotten the picture until I started going for my doctorate, started watching Zero Point Energy videos, and listening to the guys onto the scalar physics. I think if I'd been patient enough to really look at her stuff, instead of just a few pictures that didn't seem THAT weird to me, that I would have understood that she had a much more comprehensive scenario laid down. I did know that the images of "toasted" vehicles were coming from her, but I immediately felt they were the evidence of the termite reacting metal falling off the building.

They were blocks away.

The damage was not what you'd get from thermite.

She explains it, really, really thoroughly... and shows tons and tons of images that back her up.

She shows images, stark evidence of aspects of the cleanup I'd never read or heard or seen before... and I have spent literally months worth of time on every bit of video and images and articles on 9/11.

She's sued NIST and their contractors for the raunchy quality of their information.

I'm just going down her videos page and listening and looking and questions I've had for years are being answered cogently.

You have to look for yourself, but just a couple of them that are really easy and really blatant are: how could the dogs walk on the piles that were melting steel-toed boots and why weren't the firemen's feet burned when the steel in the boots was being melted? She has a staggeringly good explanation for these questions, and how it could be all those witnesses thought they were telling the truth AND more thermal images from close to the ones we've seen, that show NO heat under the demolition sites, on dates when the piles were still "fuming". The truth is "out there".

Do you think you are up for THIS thought experiment?

love, 99


  1. there were plenty steal beams

    Oh, Oh, Miss Pelling's gonna get ya!

  2. My thought is that it was both therminte and high explosives. Thermite to melt the thick iron I-beams and box beams comprising the inner core and explosives to take out the thin walled box beams that formed the outer skin such as those in the photo you posted.

    The spire thing needs a closer look - everyone is trumpeting it as vaporizing, I see it drop basically straight down in a cloud of dust dislodged from it as it falls.

    What made it drop in such a manner is up to conjecture, but I don't see it vaporizing.

  3. Yipes! Was that Freudian or whut?

    You gotta get better glasses, and/or find the slomo because that sucker vaporized AS it was dropping straight down. I've checked it a thousand ways over the years. There was no flame or molten metal color about it, but the sucker CERTAINLY was vaporizing as it was dropping. NO question.

  4. Well, my problem with the explosives, which were for sure there, is the outright uncanny precision of the demolition/disintigration. We have seen that many of the blasts did not go in sync properly, but also did not blast out any of the lower portions of the buildings in advance of the wave. We just saw squibs and heard them blow. We saw the molten metal dripping from the building, as thermite would certainly have accounted for, but not the blasting and vaporizing in such perfect symmetry. It just occurred to me I saw a video of beams vaporizing as they were being ejected. Not all did that, but some did. Except for parts nearest the bottom, which might have been shielded by too much material above them, or simply left unpainted due to time constraints or fuckup, the most outstanding feature of all was the speed and symmetry of the the demolitions. They went like the towers had suddenly turned into water fountains being shut off at the speed of gravity.

    And a thousand times we've seen Dr. Jones and others describing the powderized metal and cement, et cetera—no debris bigger than half a telephone keypad. Maybe high explosives accounts for it. Maybe it was that close to perfectly pulled, but I would think the molten metal in the building and running down from floor to floor BEFORE the collapse would have set at least ONE of them off. And if that wouldn't have done it, then one of the misfiring shaped charges should have blown out something lower before the wave.

    I think the space beam is feasible, albeit fantastic to the mainstream, and might account for otherwise anomalous features of the crime.

  5. Except for parts nearest the bottom

    I forget the specifics, but the supporting columns near the bottom were huge and the walls were many inches thick with several compartments inside each box beam. As they got higher they had less compartments and thinner walls.

    Oh - here it is...

  6. I'm being called to make dinner - they did the prep work, I've got to finish...

  7. Well, and, right, thats why a perfectly timed CD works by itself, but four floors is a piece of cake compared to a hunnert and ten... and we indeed saw that some of the charges went off early below the wave, but NOT whatever was powderizing the ejecta so symmetrically. That's bugging me again... and it tends to render it less feasible that so much paper survived. I mean the paper in the building might have outweighed the building itself. You KNOW how much paper accumulates in offices... or I certainly do. Utterly fantastical amounts of paper. But... well... and don't forget all the images of the damage to the other buildings looking like something punched a hole in them from above. When you take each bit by itself it doesn't seem so outta context, but all of them together, I think, really does suggest the space beam theory could be in play.

    There can't be ANY doubt of the CD stuff. It was all there, and proven to be all there, but the force and symmetry and everything going into an arc instead of straight out, with some of it disintegrating as it went...?

  8. Oh, right, the thickness of the steel at the base, duh, I forgot that part. I had it perfectly in mind for many years, but it completely slipped my mind today. Thanks.

    Yes. Maybe their thermite paint didn't work so frickin' well on THOSE. And blasted bits of the paint would have landed on cars below and burned through the metal, but most of the burnt cars don't look so much like thermite damage. And some of them kept their upholstery. That's very weird. I know from reading the testimony of survivors that there was a very hot blast at ground level, but it was not so hot as to burn flesh. Their problem, every one of them down on the street who was not crushed, was the dust caked all in their ears and eyes and mouths. YET lots of METAL on the street was burned. People reported chunks of burning metal on the street before the collapse and we've seen the vehicles' strange damage, but the people on the street did not get burned. One momentary huge hot blast of air knocked them down, but did not burn them.

  9. You have to stop "them" from stopping at prep! Your daughters should be cooking your meals and serving you breakfast in bed! Quit being such a big pushover!

  10. the force and symmetry and everything going into an arc instead of straight out,

    Explosive expansion for sure. Explosion does not necessarily equate to heat much beyond the source, rapid expansion does the job and could easily explain the unburnt paper.

    The photos of bodies at the pentagon I had found a while ago had undamaged clothing but blackened charred skin.

    As for the cars rusting in the video - every piece of ferrous metal I have ever seen that was heated in a fire rusts very rapidly after as well as during the fire. The proximity to salt water accelerates the rusting.

    And the unburnt paint on the burnt car - I've seen that at the junkyard in many cars that had burned.

  11. Your daughters should be cooking your meals and serving you breakfast in bed! Quit being such a big pushover!

    No shit huh!

  12. But at least I got to send them to the store for missing ingredients, hence I'm still here.

  13. Oh Crap - Here we go again

    Spy agencies had for some time been tracking the militants who were planning the attack, according to Sky

    Why can't I read anything other than:

    "Spy agencies had for some time been coercing the militants to plan the attack, according to Sky"

  14. Daughter slaves! For sure! They owe you a good fifteen years of slavery!

    Yes. The paper thing is perfectly explicable by the force of a blast knocking them clear of the heat. So it doesn't really add much to the weirdness of stuff that should have burned at street level and didn't.

    That and the vaporizing in midair beams and spire, I think may be THE most convincing parts of the space beam theory... but I can't throw out the perfect symmetry of both demolitions over so many floors either... especially not when we saw how much else was mistimed.

    Plus, Judy Woods distinguished herself early by insisting that the heat was way less than in every steel wood burning stove extant. Then, this avid researcher of truth suddenly went bonkers on us with this space beam theory. HERE.

    Joseph Farrell, the Nazi Bell guy, is staunchly in her camp... and he GETS the black physics... as would most physicists with an ounce of honesty left in them. I mean, most of them won't publicly support CD either, and THAT is psychotic. How much LESS would they be willing to stand behind the directed energy beam scenario?

    Don't mind me. I have these hiccups days where my brain just tries to go over it all AGAIN. It's moot. Well, it's moot unless enough people who have been SILENT for nine years begin to squawk now that they are seeing the fascist shift for real. But I wonder how many would, even so. I think maybe it would tend to take some of their feelings of guilt for nutting up away more than it would make them pipe up at last.



  16. I thought you'd just eaten fast.

  17. Wow, I think I picked the wrong time to stop drinking. 1:23 is pretty good also. Thanks for the link.

  18. Yep. Those images should show cars with holes melted through their hoods. Thermite cuts straight through metal. But that's not what we see in these images of cars that were in the vicinity of people who were not burned, but said they felt a hot wave, were shoved down by it, but NOT BURNED. Very odd.

  19. Raw story has become quiet sucky!

    They're still one of the few places to find certain things, but as you say they just throw it out there with no rebuttals or diagnosis.

    And they don't filter their adds at all - I've seen more ads for Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina there than I have puke to spew.

    I even alerted them to an ad that redirect to a site which set of all of my virus alerts. I even received a reply from them that said "Oh, thanks - that wasn't a very good ad" and then they continued to run it.

  20. I'm off to San Pablo early in the morning so see ya later.

  21. FINE. Be that way! Sheesh. We can stew over this later anyway... stew over it for the rest of time....

  22. Actually, yes, any way we want it. Amazingly enough, lentils can be made damn tasty and they are very nutritious. I only know this because I have contacts in bliss ninny circles, mind you, but, yes, lentils.

  23. I love lentils in my soups.


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