20 September 2010

mostly and vaguely about mayan time and rising consciousness

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Have only been listening with half an ear, because I'm still wrestling with the postponement of my urges to strangle a tall "medical professional", but it struck me there were a few supremely positive statements in here and it's pretty entertaining, all told. I particularly noted the seriously good serious reason why we should manfully battle our urges to give way to our frustration, disillusionment, anhedonia, fear, cowardice and general practice of venting satisfyingly-nihilistic ideation.

That shit manifests in response to it. Yes it does.

So, this Pinchbeck dude gives us a few good clues and at the end, a little story about the underdog revolution he almost pulled off at Burning Man 2005. We should consider using that.


Actually, this playlist of his talk at Burning Man 2004 does a better job of being clear....

love, 99

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