20 September 2010

not inscrutable

[click image, peaceful playlist]


This is all very straightforward speech from the ancients, a couple Zen stories, a couple koan, stuff people are forever dissing as the mental gymnastics of ancient Asians who may not even have known themselves what they were talking about, but, sorry, if you PAY ATTENTION, do the work to learn the types of metaphors they would use for things that cannot be communicated straight out to your basic walking around world-addled sentient being, these stories and koan ARE completely straightforward and answer everything.

Again, it's crucial you not try to make anything of the words. You can't help it, but if you keep at it, eventually your stupid mind, your walking around mind, just gives up and finally sees that this is utterly plainly-spoken stuff, and the meaning is unmistakeable. Immediately upon realizing that, you slip back into your walking around stupid mind and freak about how DENSE Westerners are for however long it takes to swim through the oceans of exasperation that concept holds in.

But this little playlist contains many, many adamantine words of fundamental reality and, I don't know about you, but I find it immensely soothing just about now.

love, 99

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