21 September 2010

there are no terrorists and there is no fbi

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We have a range of appropriately-colored and aptly-named men who, for one reason or another, are easily led by nefarious and fantastically well-connected people who are working night and day to drum up some terrorism to hype and to prosecute. The name of the game is turn no danger into a shockingly dangerous-seeming sense of constant danger, get yer pats on the back and promotions, without ever taking even the slightest risk.

This isn't law enforcement. It's theater. It's illegal. It's evil. It's unAmerican. It's fascism:
FBI says it supplied fake bomb in Chicago plot
By SOPHIA TAREEN, Associated Press Writer

CHICAGO – A man arrested for allegedly placing a backpack he thought contained a bomb near Chicago's Wrigley Field got the fake explosive from an FBI undercover agent, authorities say — a tactic that has been used in other U.S. terrorism cases in recent years.

Sami Samir Hassoun, 22, a Lebanese citizen living in Chicago for about three years, was charged Monday with one count each of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted use of an explosive device.

Hassoun was arrested early Sunday after planting the fake explosive device in a trash receptacle near Sluggers World Class Sports Bar, a popular bar steps from Wrigley Field, FBI Special Agent in Charge Robert Grant said. The Cubs were not playing at their home field; the stadium hosted Dave Matthews Band concerts Friday and Saturday nights.

It wouldn't be the first time FBI agents have posed as terror operatives and supplied suspects with bogus explosives. Last year, authorities arrested a Jordanian national after he allegedly attempted to detonate what he thought was a bomb outside a Dallas skyscraper. In an unrelated case, authorities in Springfield, Ill., arrested another man after he allegedly tried he tried to set off what he thought was explosives in a van outside a federal courthouse.

In a similar case in May 2009, four men were arrested after they allegedly tried to detonate fake explosives — also provided by the FBI — outside two synagogues in New York City.

In the Chicago case, the FBI said an informant tipped investigators about Hassoun nearly a year ago. Grant said Hassoun acted alone and that the undercover agents told him they were from California and unaffiliated with any group. He declined to offer specific details about Hassoun's motivations, but said he believed the agents were ready to give him money if he carried out the attack.

"He wanted to transform the city of Chicago, he wanted to make a statement and he wanted to replace the mayor of Chicago," Grant said. "He was unhappy with the way the city was running. He was also unhappy with things that were happening in other parts of world."

At a brief hearing Monday, Hassoun quietly told U.S. Judge Susan Cox that he understood the charges. Hassoun's federally appointed public defender Dan McLaughlin declined to comment on the case, as did several family members who attended the hearing. A message left on an answering machine at Hassoun's home telephone number wasn't returned.

Authorities say the informant befriended Hassoun over the course of a year, conducting conversations in Arabic, which were taped and shared with the FBI. Hassoun waffled greatly on his plans, authorities said.

Initially, he didn't want to cause violence, suggesting setting off smoking devices in downtown locations near City Hall, authorities said.

"No killing. There is no killing," he told the informant, according to the complaint.

But his plans became more grand, as he believed bigger acts would command public attention and embarrass the mayor, according to the complaint.

"Little by little, I'm building it up," he said, according to the complaint. "I will shake Chicago."

Hassoun's alleged plots ranged during the investigation. They included talk of plans to unleash a biological virus on Chicago and bombing the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower, the complaint said.

Hassoun on one occasion told the informant he wanted to paralyze commerce in the city, according to the complaint. Asked how he intended to carry out various suggested attacks, Hassoun responded, "You park the car, and let it go 'boom,'" the complaint says.

Grant said Hassoun wanted to start his own organization and planned to flee to California after the device went off in Wrigleyville.

"He was not highly skilled, but I think he was definitely desirous of obtaining the material needed to carry out his attack," Grant said.

Shortly before the plot near Wrigley Field, the informant introduced Hassoun to the undercover agents who Hassoun believed were friends and would pay for the attack to be carried out.

Chicago authorities said Daley never was in any danger. Police said Daley — who has been in China for a business trip — was informed of the plot over the weekend.

"We were always in control of this investigation," said Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis.
I do not think there has been a single terrorist found in the United States. You might wonder why they spend so much time making people look like terrorists when there are real ones to nab. Well, [1] that would be hard work; [2] it would be extremely unsafe; and [3] you don't go looking for the real thing when you know it's all a hoax, there are no real ones to nab. Just like the criminal is never out looking for the guy who did the crime. Just like the neighborhood thief who isn't worried about getting robbed. And if you read this and think it was anything more than another sap being drawn into the propaganda mill, at the price of his life, it's just hopeless.

You're paying for this.

They've done it over and over and over for years and pretty soon yer gonna think it's real. They'll be requiring theater degrees to enter the law enforcement profession. This is okay with you?

love, 99


  1. Initially, he didn't want to cause violence, suggesting setting off smoking devices in downtown locations near City Hall, authorities said.

    "No killing. There is no killing," he told the informant, according to the complaint.

    But his plans became more grand, as he believed bigger acts would command public attention and embarrass the mayor....

    Ya, after how much coaching from the FBI?

    Oh, but the "Got their man!"

  2. Just think of the thousands of fuckers trolling the mosques for dim young men. Or DON'T think of it because it makes one want to show them what terror really IS.

  3. Yep, nothing to get excited about. This saves the tax payers money; just imagine how much the cost would be to do real research into bad guys. When it’s much cheaper to outsource the work to paid contractors like this guy.


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