21 September 2010

they all wanted to take the wrong turn

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I was in a carload of them and I had to get them to take the right turn, but it always seemed to be the very last thing on their minds to try. They were all agitated and blathering away and I needed to interject. It was a left turn and we were going to pass it, not be able to get back to it if I didn't clear their decks and make them see where my finger was pointing.

I'd had a hard time keeping left and right straight as a kid. Took me way longer than most people to get that one down. They kept saying, "Right is the hand you put on your heart in the Pledge of Allegiance." This didn't help. I didn't know which hand I used for that either. Poppa would become vexed when I was trying to give him directions to someplace. I was an ACE map reader, the world's greatest navigator from an extremely young age, impeccable sense of direction, but I couldn't SAY the correct direction for him to turn. So, he finally said, "Just point."

love, 99

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