21 September 2010


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The money quote:
The death penalty is likely to be executed by hanging. Stoning - which still prevailed under the Shah’s rule and was maintained for a number of years after his overthrow - has been abolished by the Islamic Revolution. Irritated by the statements of Bernard-Henri Lévy and Nicolas Sarkozy, the vice-president of the Iranian Judicial Council told Dieudonné M’bala M’bala that he defies these Zionist figures to find one single text of contemporary Iranian law that contemplates stoning.
I have a much better idea who should be stoned to death. THINK of the heavy rotation this bullshit has gotten all across the biggest "progressive" groupthink websites. Far more than just this was wrong with the reportage in content, and even worse wrong in motivation. It's warmongering of the highest order. It's unqualified obeisance to the fascist elite. It is Zionism to the ultimate extent.

You really must go and give the entire piece a very hard skim at the very least. AND TAKE THE LESSON TO HEART. I've been warning you and warning you and warning you of this crap for quite a while. This is indelible proof of my words. YOU ARE GETTING NOTHING BUT LIES ABOUT IRAN FROM ALMOST EVERY QUARTER.


The mindfucking is never even punctuated by patches of truth anymore... AND BY PEOPLE YOU'D BEEN SURE YOU COULD TRUST.... I keep trying to warn you that the one good thing about fascism is it teaches you exactly who is really your friend... even though the lessons are agonizing to take.


And, as though expressly produced to punctuate my so recently burst aneurysm....

love, 99


  1. Theres a few folks out there who get it. Just don't let your anger change your heart just yet. Suggesting stoning isn't any more cool than the crap they suggest each day, but it changes your heart and if your really zen, really an initiated space lizard adept

    You should chill with the stoning. It's a human adrenaline reaction, just like watching your family slaughtered. I get it, I do. I say I am Wiccan and walk tall with a big stick, and believe if it does no harm do what you will, yet, I know even a Wiccan will toss all that shit out the window if the circumstances were lined up and their family is being slaughtered..which is why I could served 4 active +2 inactive years in the USAF, I can kill people, but I am mostly defensive. I learned of southeast asian's cutting our dicks off and sewing them to our mouths. For god sake, in 73 74? (fuck) they were still bringing people evac'd in helicopters.

    Which is why I always come back to OATH.

    The problem today with the USA's security is there is rarely a fucking consequence for breaking your oath. And NEVER a fucking follow up which cleanses the entire system. It need not be a witch hunt. But wtf!? it isn't even being done. And if it is, the PUBLIC will never know one way or the other. There's the dilemma, there's your intermittent u.s. constitution, there's your exposure of oath breakers when compared to a timeline. clearly most people with two fucking neurons can see that 10 or so years ago the US Constitution wasn't intermittent. NOW TODAY, it's unpredictable.

    the sooner people become nauseated and see the shit which just hit their fan, the sooner the collapse of the dollar, the sovereign debt and a reset can happen. I don't like it cause I have a family member with 50+ years in who DIDN't fucking cause all this shit. They don't COLLECT pension or TSP cause they STILL WORK!

    if it's any comfort, I say it's about done, the wall / cliff / darkness is upon us, the only question is will the Citizens of the USA prevent these oath breakers from putting our lights completely out.

    It's like worrying about that 2012 Mayan Calendar bullshit. I BEEN to Tikal, Guatemala, I seen the fucking dusty stone calendar work of art. I get it. I do. In my opinion it's a rock. PERIOD. Either way, if we all die, you can't do squat, and if we all live you can't do squat, what matters is stopping the poison, the termites, the oath breaker, the motherfuckers who are MAKING A HELL ON EARTH.

    It can be traced back for the last fuckin 77 years if my math is even fuzzy. Their lucky numbers are all right now.

    They might even get a fucking CARBON TAX. But we must clip those wings, cause that's the end, if you can't breath. "THAT'S too much!" to steal a let's make a deal type terminology.

  2. Alternatively, 420 STONED TO DEATH. get it? Ah hell they want to fuck your neurons, you might as well fuck them yourself first, if possible.

    This fits in with if it does no harm, do what you wish, at least your not really harming yourself.

    And what's all this satanism now linked to wicca, the craft, bla fuckty bla. the definition (never really agreed upon in the first place by initiates) now changed by corporate media to the new ignorant fucking cowan definition. Notice that shit yet?

    pagans watch your ass for a boatload of Misguided Christian Satanist's headed your way... Give me a fucking break pagan means COUNTRYY PEOPLE! what the fuck, from the miac report to retardland we fly the blood red sky.

  3. It was just the spam filter thing, Phil. It gets creepy sometimes. I can only go fish people out of there when I get the email of the comment and it isn't here. That tells me to go set the frickin' filter straight.

    I do NOT believe in killing and violence. I believe only that they are necessary in defense of life, whether we like it or not. I do not believe in revenge. I do not believe in capital punishment. When violence or killing is ALL that will stop the harm, using them to stop the harm is not violence or killing, but stopping harm. When it can be stopped short of that, perfect. If not, failure to stop the harm is a SIN... no matter how many spiritually-advanced-sounding platitudes we use as excuses.

    I kill mosquitos because they will harm me, possibly even make me or someone else very sick, if they bite. Same with spiders. I kill insects in my home if I cannot shoo them out or ferry them out somehow safely. I am defending my life. I am rabidly against killing mountain lions and bears and other wild animals who of necessity must live close to humans, but if one of them gets in my house, then I might not have a choice but to use violence or killing, though I'd try something else, like hiding, if I could.

    REAL Zen is about awakening to reality. NONE of the teaching is meant to last past that moment. All of the precepts are about putting people into a state of mind where it is feasible they could SEE. Immediately after seeing, the teaching too is but delusion.

    Powerful liars who are trying to whip up enmity against a whole nation in order to NUKE it, if they cannot be stopped from this action another way, should be killed. I don't know if Bernard-Henri Lévy is powerful enough to pull it off, so maybe just beat the crap out of him and tell him if he opens his filthy yap about Iran ever again he's toast. Arianna Huffington gets millions of eyeballs and ears every fucking day, and so do a bunch of the owners of the other sites pushing this shit. Perhaps you have an idea that would stop them dead in their tracks short of violence or killing them. They are entirely too powerful in terms of whipping people into a frenzy to nuke millions of innocent people. Nicolas Sarkozy is indisputably powerful enough to pull it off. And WHAT stops the harm, Phil? WHAT?

    The French will tell you. It involves something heavy and sharp. The more powerful they are, the more vital it is to make the point as strongly as will STOP THE HARM. Everything short of that is just blather.

  4. Interesting, but certainly not surprising.

    I had seen one little blip, an aside in some article, which mentioned the murder charge, but everything else has been "stoned for adultery".

  5. Funny how the Big Boys always know about this stuff so far in advance of everyone else.

    Will everyone's car stop dead in it's tracks? Will all our computers be blown? Will we have electricity? No, no, no one knows, but our spacecraft will be jake.

  6. If connected to the power grid our computers certainly could get fried. I'm not clear on whether they would be safe if disconnected.

    And cars - OMG, I didn't think of that one - these new cars are computers on wheels!

    Rin's car even tells her when the tire pressure is wrong!

  7. Did you hear that Jodie Foster is sticking with her dear friend Mel Gibson?

  8. I was being sarcastic about the crap we get instead of information about expected trouble from monster solar flares. Don't mind me. I just hate our "civilization" and the murderating fucks in charge.


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