14 September 2010

they are GOING to do it unless we stop them

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There's no two ways about it. Lots of people think we will just go completely bankrupt and won't be able to pull off their world domination scheme for them. All the money in the world is in THEIR hands. They could give a shit less if the United States is bankrupt. Let that sink in. The money and the weapons manufacturers can force the United States to do ANYTHING... and are. Our troops, our powers of conscription, the millions of starving punks they can put in uniforms in exchange for FOOD. It's not nations. IT'S NOT NATIONS.

It's get strong, wake up, or "prison planet" is too mild a term for what is to come... and most of the Third World already knows firsthand.

Just listen to Turse rattle off all the countries we/they've decimated. Turn off the television. WE are The Biggest Losers.



Busywork. Chumps. Busywork.

love, 99

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