14 September 2010

just me listening to conspiracy nuts

[click image, first video in a series of three]


Lots saner than listening to the propaganda blasting in the other room.

I'd make you a playlist, but this is VERY easy to watch through. Just click the icon in the "Video Responses" box below the main player to get to parts two and three.


For newcomers, this is an EXCELLENT thought experiment to help train your mind to listen to people instead of just what you think of them. What you do is just forget judging what yer hearing, just listen as though the voices are telling you 100% truth, and then AFTER you can pick out what of it is worth taking away from the experience, or to help inform your view of people who are not your clones.

I never heard Jeff Rense until very, very recently. I'd heard a million disses of Jeff Rense in my adventures in groupthink, and so ignored every link to him that ever came in front of me. That was a mistake. That was stupid of me. I was trying to teach myself to speak the lingo, the common idiom, and let them start closing my mind again, after all the work I'd done to open it up the whole way.

It's worth the effort.

love, 99

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