18 September 2010

you'll never guess who sent me this playlist

[click image]


So you only get the one hint....

love, 99


  1. I thought it was pretty damn cool.

  2. Well, the Mayans didn't mean the world would end. They meant that world cycle would end on that day. Lots of scientists are predicting massive problems from sun activity in the next couple years, but can't pin down any exact date it could hit and knock out our grid....

    That's the worst any of the mainstream guys will say. Non-mainstream guys, who are usually more like correct about many things, say there will be a pole shift as well. One of them says that although the shift isn't instantaneous, something about it will cause a tsunami that will rival Noah's flood... and almost all the leading lights of "out there" say most of this stuff will happen BEFORE 12/21/12. Some say anywhere within a few years of it. A couple say bubkes will happen. A bunch say our DNA will be enhanced by the cosmic activity and we will enter the fifth density... and... how the fuck do I know what the fifth density is? It's supposedly a higher plane of existence, higher frequency field....

    Take yer pick.

    I'm rootin' for the cosmic rays to fix our fucked-up DNA, ergo our fucked-up heads, and suddenly all this horror will be an ugly memory. I think I would even endure the tsunami part, drown in it, if we could get that better DNA thing happening.

  3. bubkes will happen.

    As some of you know, I've been to Tikal (sacxtra.com/tikal), I've seen the rock which they "call" the Mayan Calendar. It's a beautiful, dusty rock, albeit a fucked up calendar (ending too soon) considering when it was created, big fucking deal. It wasn't even until the 80's we couldn't even read Mayan Hieroglyphs. If anything it was created so the Mayan's could time events, like planting food.

    It's a whole bunch of fear about nothing. And what do the power elite's ego and eventually legislation do with fear these days?

    That's right, never let it go to waste.

    So get FEAR of that calendar out of your mind, even if Mayan mythology is right, there's nothing You, I or the indescribable god called "it" can do anyway.

    If the sun is the problem, then perhaps the Aztec Sun God is the one you should worry about. They slaughtered the hell out of the Mayan's and put their heads on sticks.


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