12 November 2010

i am... a revolutionary

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No gettin' 'round it.
That these proposals are broadly opposed by the American people is acknowledged by the commissioners themselves. Not bothering to conceal his contempt for the population, Simpson joked that he might have to join the “witness protection program.” He said the commissioners had laid everything on the table to “let the American people chew on it.”

The commissioners and the media are billing the report as a call for “shared sacrifice.” This is a fraud. Not only are the cuts directed overwhelmingly against the working class, including cuts in health care for veterans, but under the cover of deficit-reduction and fiscal responsibility changes are being proposed to the tax system that will effectively transfer trillions of dollars from the government to the personal bank accounts of the financial aristocracy.

The proposals demonstrate that the economic crisis unleashed by the criminality and greed of the ruling elite is being used to fundamentally and permanently alter social life and class relations to the benefit of the self-same elite.
...for those of you who couldn't make head or tail out of the reports themselves....

Where is that fuckin' dingbat woman with her nose in the air who kept giving me so much shit for being 'somewhat less progressive' than most Obama supporters? Is she still singing the same tune? Howz this hopey changey shit workin' out for ya, whatever yer name was, you posturing yuppie?

love, 99

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