24 November 2010


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Public service announcement....

love, 99


  1. My gut says this is just the begining, I am expecting more of the same from other countries and possibly the Saudis. What are your thoughts?

    Happy Thanksgiving by the way...the day were we fill our faces and gleefully celebrate the genocide this country started with...or watch football.

  2. I believe it is. I have held for the past couple years that our only chance to avoid WWIII will be the SCO [Russia and Asian bloc countries] very gently getting our thunder away from us before we can implement our triggers... make us too poor to pull it off. I believe this is a sign they are implementing it.

    It isn't going to be well for us poor schlubs out here, but maybe better, at least karmically, than more slaughter of brown people. I don't know if it's really even possible to stop it, it depending on just who's allied with whom out there and we don't, of course, GET any fucking reliable intel on THAT, but I honestly believe that Putin, Medvedev and Hu have been ON this for quite a while, making strategic alliances all over the globe and carefully easing out of their dollar positions, hoisting our oligarchs by their own petards.... Maybe I'm only praying they're playing chess to our checkers, but, well, I'm on THEIR side... which happens to be humanity's and the planet's side.

    I'm putting extra berries in my evening cereal in honor of my gratitude for Julian Assange and Michael Tsarion. And fuck wasichu and his stinking feetbohl.



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