27 December 2010

a darn irascible frame of mind

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Linked find Greenwald, in depth, with tons of links, on the Manning/Lamo crap. Let me know if you are wanting to read it but don't have the RAM for all the ad crap at Salon. I'll render it readable for you. But, I think maybe most of you have read it or read excerpts from it.

I was set off by following a link from a "progressive" friend to a piece on a "leftist" blog that was making something of Julian Assange having the same counsel as Lord Rothschild. Barry Scheck represented OJ. I worked for a firm where we represented poor immigrants and multinational corporations and cops and departments stores and Porsches. Give me a break. The vaunted leftist went on to invoke something nice said by Assange about Rupert Murdoch before he was Rupert Murdoch and when he'd done something—probably accidentally, I'll grant—right as some sort of evidence of Assange's Zionist sympathies. Just shoot me.

There was a piece by the dread poison taffy river of Kevin Zeese Energy there too... probably the one that set me off yesterday. I can't get away from it. And it's making me mad.

And speaking of which, I have held my nose and done an experiment for the past umpteen months, where I go quickly to HuffPo and then race down the front page before clicking off the window in a manner somewhat like touching a scalding hot iron. It's the most convenient way to check my hypothesis and I think I may safely be able to just leave off doing it now because every time I've done it, there have been no fewer than two pieces about Sarah Palin on the front page... a blatant mindfuck for the reëlection of Barack Obama.

I'm never going to vote for anyone but Christopher Walken again as long as I live.

I think I have to alter my rotation of news and opinion sources again because I can't take all the homicidal urges. Or I better start reciting the sutra again for long stretches of every day, because, I'm not kidding, man, I got so pissed off again this afternoon that it made my body go heavy and I had to black out for a few minutes. My blood vessels were turning into metal spikes with lightning bolts zapping from them, a woman Tesla coil going to fry her fancy computer with wrath. Luckily for everyone this is my standard response to extremes of emotion. I drop.

Especially when I'm angry, but everything else too, when it's extreme, I can't stay awake long enough to do that damage. I become speechless and I drop. Scare the living snot out of anyone around me first, but my lights go out for a reset before anyone dies... UNLESS it's a matter of life and death. Then I stretch split seconds into many minutes, handle it completely, and then I drop. You WANT me there when your life is at stake. It's just after that is ridiculous.

love, 99

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