27 December 2010

little boy calls little boys little boys and the rest of us idiots

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To my shock, I have found that the Pentagon Missile thing is still in dispute. Jesus. And this obviously intelligent hypnosis victim here can't tell his physics from his bellybutton. Crikey.

Ry, you little shit, I was watching when the first images were coming out of DC. The bottom floor was NOT knocked out. There was a hole that looked to be about twenty feet in diameter and there was NO damage to the lawn.


Obviously, you've been so busy stewing about the Israeli involvement that you haven't LOOKED at any of it well enough. It has long been established that the plane heading for the Pentagon was a fighter plane that shot the missile into it and overflew the building. If you think for a minute you might agree they wouldn't risk either not doing enough damage or too much, at the Pentagon. So even if the physics worked for it to have been a 757, it wouldn't have been one. Don't be a jackass. Don't be a laws of physics denier. And quit being such a fatuous little boy panting over a fucker making a fat living off Palestine's agony and our impotent loathing for Israel's perfidies.


Unless, of course, it was a directed energy beam....

love, 99


  1. As I recall the hole was 16 feet in diameter, smaller than the fuselage.

    At the speed the "plane" hit the building at the wings would have been torn off long before.

    Jesse did a pretty good job on it last week. He hit heavy on the missing Trillions of dollars from the pentagon as announced the day before by Rumsfield (sp?) and the fact that all of the computers containing the evidence of the missing money were in the spot where the missile hit. He interviewed a number of pentegon workers who were inside and outside of the building and never saw an airliner, only heard an explosion. One of those people actually walked out of the building through the hole and saw no signs of an aircraft - no seats, bodies, or other pieces.

  2. Well, yes, I know 16 feet is the general consensus, but I was talking about how it appeared to me on the day, just minutes after the hit.

    Good on Jesse.

    And it's just blowing my mind that there are still fuckers out there squabbling over this shit. I'm waaaaay angry with myself for deciding not to raise a stink about it at all, taking two or three years to let myself be talked out of it. I was very busy practicing NOT being me, not kneejerking to any default, a Buddhist thing, and I was sick to death of ALWAYS being the anti-establishment truth fanatic. On the day, in real time, I knew the planes didn't bring down the towers and that no plane hit the Pentagon, and I should have been yelling about it from the git, but nooooooo. I talked myself right out of it, and even patted myself on the back for overcoming my autopilot. Sheesh.

    But this little fuck doesn't even have THAT lame an excuse for fucking around. Near as I can tell, he's just doing the pick-a-fight-route to try to get attention to his site... pretty much the kind of guy aching to make a living off the mess, as opposed to FIXING it.

  3. There are many of them out there - trying to debunk with outrageously ridiculous postulations, ignoring even the simplest tenets of physics.

  4. Yuh, and it drives me NUTS! I keep invoking the laws of physics and get responses that all my references to the laws of physics are meaningless. THEY ASK ME TO EXPLAIN THE LAWS OF PHYSICS TO THEM! Some even are SMUG about it, stating that if I can't I should shut up. I shit you not.

    Fucking so much worse than pathetic it defies expletives!


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