31 December 2010

i have this sick fascination with neil gaiman's hair

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There's just never any telling how you will find it. I mean, it's the more fascinating because there seems to be an ongoing half-hearted attempt to keep it in check, which it defies. No telling how many guys have hair this happy because most of them have the sense to keep it very, very short when it is, uhm, so independent. I only ever started paying attention to him because 86 had gone batshit crazy for American Gods and made me read it. I ended up reading it twice because it was the only book not boxed up when I got out of the hospital, did my six-weeks of doing absolutely nothing but a couple gentle walks a day, and landed all in a pile here. It was good enough to read twice, and I don't know if The Graveyard Book was good enough to listen to twice, but it's gotten almost every award they give for books and, hell, it's an engaging long listen.

love, 99

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