29 December 2010

i'm becoming attached to listening to these two shmooze

[click image, mp3, nearly two hours]


I couldn't stay awake for the whole thing last 'night' and so I'm going to start over again now.


I am sorry, but this is still more unspeakable to me than Hitler.


But we should pause for some comic relief:
JERUSALEM – An Israeli court has convicted former President Moshe Katsav on two counts of rape.

Thursday's conviction means Katsav will face a minimum of four years in prison. The verdict marks the climax of a four-and-a-half year saga that has riveted the nation as it watched its top citizen face the most serious charges ever leveled toward an Israeli public official.

The 65-year-old Katsav is also facing charges of lesser sex crimes involving two other former employees. A verdict on those charges is expected later in the day.

Israel's presidency is a largely ceremonial position. But the allegations roiled the country by portraying the man supposed to be Israel's moral compass as a predatory boss who forced himself on female employees.

Katsav resigned in 2007 and was replaced by Shimon Peres.
Pretty ridiculously light sentence for not one but TWO counts of rape, but, well, innit odd that Israel keeps convicting their presidents and prime ministers of things like corruption and rape, when we can't even get an INVESTIGATION for torture and war crimes? I mean, right, I know they don't do torture or war crimes either, but....

love, 99

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