29 December 2010

you keep thinkin', well that's just nuts

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It isn't possible to ever pay it all off. This can't be. They wouldn't incur or allow limitless debt because it could never be paid. Max is being hyperbolic again. He has to be. Limitless debt is completely wrong. People don't lend it never to be repaid.


It's like all those credit cards they lavished on you, dudes. As long as you have been fooled to think your money was worth anything, and that the people who have it have ever had anything more than bubkes, just PRETENDING there's money in their banks, you're going to keep falling into the bottomless pit. If you can't EVER pay what you owe, you are a SLAVE. Capice? Do you comprehend it YET? I know people have mentioned this a lot over the past couple years but I don't think it has YET sunk in.

You are a slave and this will get worse.

Over NOTHING whatsoever. The monetary system is a complete ruse, from start to finish. ONLY you thinking it isn't has kept it serving those who made it up to begin with.

You gotta wake up or you're dead.

love, 99

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