30 December 2010

a know-it-all on the know-it-alls

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We're heavy to Out There tonight. Of necessity, no? Something needs to drag you back to the creative from this immortal consensus trance. It's sooooo important. Thought experimenting as close to full time as possible has GOT to be the way....

Do I begin to sound frantic?


Actually, I must be frantic because I forgot an important aspect of this post. John Lash is an idiot, okay? He seems to know lots of nuts and bolts of this stuff, but he is CLUELESS, and if this is not immediately apparent to you, you should listen for his intense concentration on braggadocio. The guy is completely not to be trusted in terms of awakening, but he's talking about stuff that can give you jumping off points for where you might want to head in that direction.

I repeat, John Lash is not even in the same cosmos as enlightenment, gnostic or otherwise. Someone ego-tripping this hard is blinking neon charlatan, charlatan, charlatan. If yer interested in this door, go to Neil Kramer.

I've said it before, but how, honestly, would you remember that if I don't make it apparent when I bring him back up? Sorry.


Truly, it isn't a waste of time to endure this as long as you are clear on his not being a teacher. He makes points like ego work being like trying to read the inscription on a grave stone with a glare on it so bright that the words are burnt out. It's really at least that hard to face yourself down. It just drives me nuts that he can't even squeeze out a bit on ego death, ego taming, ego evaporating, without immediately undoing it with a big slime of me, me, me....

Anyone who has to tell you at all that he's a teacher, let alone over and over and over, is NOT a teacher.

Take that to the bank.

love, 99

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