08 January 2011

about the outsider

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This isn't a recent interview, but it's a good listen... or I find it so anyway. For anyone who hasn't heard it or doesn't know about it, HERE is the Aaron Russo video Tsarion is raving about. Nobody should ever have missed that interview and if you have, you should go to the Russo interview before, or even instead of, listening to this three hours, or five hours, of Tsarion going on about the state of things. I think three, or four, or five, or six, or maybe even twenty-four hours out of this vale of tears sounds good right about now. I don't know if this applies on your machine, but I find that the connection in the Red Ice interview is really brassy and sounding as though someone's speakers are going out. So I just turned it way down and it's better that way.

love, 99

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