09 January 2011

i don't know how i got here

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Except for keeping my eyes open. Here we have KO speaking to the unspeakable Mr. Potok of the unspeakable SPLC, who manages to dis David Icke [pronounced IKE, not ICKY], a supposedly crazed right wingnut, in the midst of a discussion purported to be about the shootings in Arizona yesterday. It ISN'T about that. It's a terrifying set piece of "progressive" mesmerism. Ask yourself WHY anyone would put a mindfucker from the SPLC on to discuss THIS. What the fuck does this have to do with their purported mission? Bubkes. That's what.

In case you wonder why this vile dung heap would be bringing Icke into something he himself doesn't belong discussing on TV, David Icke is VOCIFEROUSLY anti-Israeli slaughter of Palestinians. THAT is the axe he is grinding.

This is psychedelic.

Suffice it to say, MSNBC is full of vicious vitriol and at LEAST as bad as Fox.



I am also pretty creeped out by what purports to be Loughner's YouTube channel. If it is real, it's obviously someone going to get vivid. If it's not, it's obviously someone trying to make it look like he was going to get vivid. The emphasis on mind control can be that he was a victim of it, or that someone wanted him to appear to be a victim of it. The psychedelia about currency, to me, suggests more that this was done by someone else, someone wanting to make it look as though Loughner were some diabolical kook who subscribes to this whole push for REAL money.

I don't like how this is playing out. I don't like it at all.


I seriously don't like how HuffPo and KO and the little constellation of "progressive" outlets are ALL over this.

I don't like how this has turned into an excuse for the House to not happen as usual.

I don't like it one little bit.

As my old friend Danny would say, This STINKS... and not from the righties....


Maybe I'm paranoid, but Icke's page is being way slower to load even than usual today, so Potok's smear may be driving too much traffic to the page. Fucking hell. I think I need to start searching for the perfect image of LEMMINGS to post permanently at the head of my blog....
love, 99


  1. 99,
    I was going to offer my take on that piece. Until I realized I couldn't comment on it better than you did. So I won't re-invent the wheel. I'll just give you a thumbs up and I heartily agree with your assessment.

  2. Thank you. I feel almost as though I can't think from the insult of it, as though there is much more I should be saying, but it helps to see you are onto it too. I should not get so damn worked up about this stuff anymore, but it STILL makes me freak out.

  3. This is a first...

    I tried to copy the first paragraph of the Origins section at this Snopes page and it won't let me highlight it.

    Though the reality does not fit your intent the perception does. However the last sentence of that paragraph also applies at a different level.

  4. ??? Reports yesterday said his channel had been taken down shortly after the shooting???

  5. 99,
    Words like psy-ops and subtle, yet powerful meme dropping occured to me as I was watching that Olberman interview. Let's not be fooled that Olberman while being a counter-weight to right wing bombast, is still beholden to the same corporate mainstream media system as O'Reilly, Hannity and Beck. It's all a mindfuck, left and right.
    To outright smear free thought proponents like Icke, and to marginalize the tax protesters and smear the folks trying to expose our funny money system...well it's all too neat.

    I'm suspicious of everything that comes from the mainstream media now...EVERYTHING!

  6. BB2 — That's creepy! I can't copy and paste from it either. His MySpace page was taken down minutes after he was identified. On it he was supposed to have asked people not to be too mad at him.

    Blue! — Fuckin' A right! EVERYTHING! OMG, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

    I got the willies so bad while watching that my stomach started lurching and my skin started hopping.

    And none of us should forget the SPLC's weird/terrifying connection with the Oklahoma City frame-up either.

    There are no sides! They're all part of one huge mindfuck and "partisan" anything boils directly down to the ruin of the people. It just couldn't get any clearer. When all else fails, ignore your mind as they fuck with it, and heed yer guts. Yeesh. This is BAD.

  7. His MySpace page was taken down minutes after he was identified

    Oh, I got confused...

  8. Understandable as heck. I think this stuff gets put over on us precisely because of the massive confusion it causes.

    For instance, it's perfectly plausible to me that this kid didn't do anything but be brought there by some handler and the gun slapped in his hand AFTER the shooting stopped. There were no cops there; a crowd of terrified people who would not have been looking in the crucial moments; and some completely relaxed fuck looking on from the other side of the grocery store doors. So much confusion and fighting and questions and multiple agencies and hospitals, outright chaos, that no one will be able to pin it down, and anyone there with an inkling something is awry would be too frightened to mention it.

    We're all up in arms about everyone and their brother being put on a terrorist watch list for following WikiLeaks on Twitter or Facebook or wherever and now THIS. It's like taking candy from a baby.


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