24 January 2011

he's not going to let this crisis go to waste

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Don't forget what kind of willpower drives Rahmbo. That's what sets fuckers apart from plebes after all. Never has there been a better student of the Shock Doctrine than this back room assassin.
Rahm Emanuel was thrown off the ballot for mayor of Chicago Monday by an appellate court panel, a stunning blow to the fund-raising leader in the race. ...

Emanuel, speaking to reporters at The Berghoff in the Loop, said he is confident he will win an appeal and return to the ballot.

“I have no doubt at the end we will prevail,” Emanuel said. “ As my father [a member of Irgun and so would know] has said, nothing is ever easy.”

The Emanuel campaign sent out a text to its supporters asking them to assemble at 5 p.m. at Dearborn and Washington to “rally for Rahm’s right to be on the ballot and let Chicagoans choose.”
Yes, yes, he is the son of a terrorist pediatrician and named after a member of the Stern Gang, but, hey, he can't help his parentage. Just so. But when he spends his life living up to it, and makes Wikipedia take down its entry on his father, I think it is completely fair to mention. I think it is highly unlikely he will be denied.

It seems the opposition in Chicago knows they're toast if he stays on the ballot, NOT because the people will vote him in, but because the only way you can prevent an election being thrown in someone's favor is to make sure he or she is not on the ballot.



Lest you doubt me on the matter of Rahmbo's terrible powers:
Chicago's top election official today suggested voters might want to hold off before voting early next week, given the uncertainty surrounding the ballot.

The comments by Langdon Neal, chairman of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, came after the Illinois Supreme Court today reinstated mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel and agreed to hear his appeal that he belongs on the mayoral ballot.

“If the voters have any questions, any doubt, any uncertainty, I would encourage them to wait until the end of the 18 days,” Neal said, noting that early voting ends on Feb. 17. “It’s up to the voters.”

Early voting starts Monday at 51 locations across the city. As of now, Emanuel's name will be on the ballot.

In addition to the pending state Supreme Court case about Emanuel, candidates for alderman in 15 wards also have challenged in court the decisions that knocked them off the ballot, Neal said.

If the Supreme Court rules in Emanuel’s case or lower courts rule in any of the others, early voting would be halted at the affected locations so touch-screen voting machines could be swapped out, most likely overnight, he added.

Neal also noted voters have the option of waiting until Feb. 22 and going to their precinct polling places.

“Some voters vote early in the process because they have to — their personal schedules, their travel, whatever it may be — or they feel they want to take the risk,” Neal added. “It’s an individual choice. And that’s the beauty of early voting.”

A voter education effort will be made.

"We are going to let the voters know, as best we can, that there may be still be a question open," Neal said. "They have 18 days to make their decision. There’s no requirement that they show up on the first day and vote."
The guy doesn't lose, and can't be made to so long as you let fascists continue to run our country.

love, 99

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