24 January 2011

i am sorry, but i think this is completely wrongheaded crusading

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NOT because I think solitary confinement, etc., is an okay way to treat ANY prisoner, EVEN if they have been duly convicted but because [1] there isn't much likelihood any computers storing such information would be without a mechanism for administrators to immediately tell who did what with what files; and [2] even if such a mechanism had somehow been confounded or nonexistent, NO ONE would do all that and then mention it online in a public forum with a complete stranger. This is theater. WikiLeaks has to go along with it because they either truly don't know who got them the leaks or they can't let anyone know they know who got them the leaks, but I would say it's better for Jane and all the other great minds and hearts and energies on this to shift their focus to investigating more fruitful avenues. It's honestly not likely at all that Manning isn't in on the sting. If I've missed something, and there IS reason to believe he isn't, beside the default assumption that what the media tell us is true, please let me know.

No, a friend visiting him doesn't count.

love, 99

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