07 January 2011

hey! you know what? BULLSHIT.

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If you follow the link at the link, you will bump into a twenty-minute video introductory to a series of interviews on Peak Oil and a Changing Climate. This is sort of a mashup of the gang to be trotted out for us over the coming couple months. We will be hearing from Richard Heinberg, Nicole Foss, James Howard Kunstler, Dmitry Orlov, Noam Chomsky, Bill McKibben, Greg Palast, Thom Hartmann, Jean Laherrère, and Mike Ruppert... assuming we can muster the juju to put up with it, that is.

Listen. I'm SICK of progressives. I'm sick of their fucking video mashups and lectures and documentaries and endless bursts of "scholarship" that has a hard time standing up to real scrutiny and preaching to the choir and their everlasting half-hearted petition drives and their ever-lasting whole-hearted fund raising efforts... their goddam motor mouths... their frickin' esteemed positions in major universities and in the media, ALL of it. I mean, do NOT EVEN get me started on the comments appending all these.

DO they think we are so stupid as to not notice that they never DO anything to deserve our esteem? Our time? Our ears? Our eyeprints? Do they think they can just keep up with all this palaver for the rest of time... which, granted, isn't long...? I don't think a one of these people, except maybe Palast, could ever be induced to ACT, to LEAD, to MAKE this stuff get handled. This palaver has been coming at us without much in the way of letup for a decade or two, no? WHEN do they put it together that jawing in front of the masses doesn't CUT it? They expect to bask in their celebrity and punditry without any ACTUAL risk, even though they welcome any amount of PERCEIVED risk. Inflates the esteem quotient considerably... which keeps the donations trickling in.

WHY would all the air have gone out of our big push to clean up our act? BECAUSE these fuckers who never shut up never PUT up either. BECAUSE they play games and pile on bogus "science" to try to "prove" that which cannot be proven, but is felt by everyone, is KNOWN to everyone to be true. We're turning our planet into a sewer and it can't support us or most living things much longer if we don't drastically change our ways.

Peak oil is a big so what. It might NEVER actually peak because there very well may be limitless supplies of abiotic oil, but that is moot, moot, moot, moot, moot, because it's FILTHY shit and has to stop. All these "scientists" who have to play around with nothing-close-to-the-truth because the REAL physics must remain IGNORED by the mainstream would better serve by taking long walks off short piers. We. Don't. Need. Oil.

We. Do. Need. To. Clean. Up. The. Filth. And. Squalor. And. Quit. Extinctifying. Living. Things.

NOT rhetorically. The pen is no longer mightier than the sword. The mouth is no substitute for the feet. People VOTE with their feet and if you are watching the feet of this crowd—again, with the possible exception of Palast—you will find them no further away from their desks than yours are right now.





For any of you who are following my doctoral work in Out There, we have a particularly entertaining interview to listen to tonight. For any of you pooh-poohing it as fairy dust or conspiracy, not doing your thought experimenting to bust open that stanky old cell wherein your brain is molding, just ignore this little link. Not your bag. Not your bag.

love, 99


  1. WikiLeaks
    "Today, the existence of a secret US government grand jury espionage investigation into WikiLeaks was confirmed for the first time as a subpoena was brought into the public domain," WikiLeaks said in a statement today."
    "Regardless, if the Assange "drama" is rising to fever pitch again, then something of far greater significance is likely happening somewhere else."

  2. Yes, I was making a post about this very thing when you made this comment.

    I disagree with the snide little quip about the Assange drama. WHAT is of so much greater significance than a fascist DoJ able to crack down on people who have not even broken the law as to merit such an glib pronouncement? I'm dirt certain there is PLENTY at least equally significant or even more that we don't know about, but giving THIS our attention is seriously important... ESPECIALLY IF PEOPLE WILL GET OFF THEIR ASSES AND STOP IT! Doesn't appear Durden will be one of them.

  3. "I disagree with the snide little quip about the Assange drama."

    I don't.

    "WHAT is of so much greater significance than a fascist DoJ able to crack down on people who have not even broken the law as to merit such an glib pronouncement?"

    Ah, maybe 43.2 million Americans that won't have ANY FOOD should the govment stop the payments. I'm not really worried about the DoJ showing here up hungry.

    Durden isn't watching the game. He's watching the ball(fucking God-damned survival), and helping others watch the ball(fucking survive).

    It's not going to stop. Peak Oil is here. Tell yer brain to get off the hamster wheel.

    We. Do. Need. To. Clean. Up. The. Filth. And. Squalor. And. Quit. Extinctifying. Living. Things.

  4. Sorry. Zero Hedge is not about survival. It's about money. And our survival as slaves doesn't cut it — for cleaning up or for existing at all. I'm sorry, but I don't think my brain is on the hamster wheel here.

  5. I mean, I love you to bits for being such a maniac, but sometimes you really do fall down on a survival-of-the-fittest thing, mistaking peak oil for some kind of demise of our overlords. THEY don't need oil. They make US need it, when it's in fact not necessary—at least as far as energy is concerned. If they let society fall, anyone growing their own food or bearing their own gold or silver will be trampled either by the starving hordes or by the stormtroopers whose job it will be to rub out that kind of independence. So it's better to fight the power while we're still healthy enough to do it.

    I love Max Keiser to itty bitty bits, but I do NOT fool myself that his hope for personal gain in precious metals is not part of his zeal. We all think that crashing the corrupt economic system is the best thing that can happen but that's very easy to stump for when you are holding security against it. That doesn't change the fact that the masses are NOT holding security against it. And it doesn't make ANYONE secure against the masses... not even those with private armies already protecting their stinking asses.

    So, believe it, Sam, it's better to make them too afraid right now, BEFORE we have to be any more afraid of each other. Assange has handed us the means and blind and witless people are whining and pissing about his personality and IGNORING the salvation his courage can set alight.

    Don't be a smartass. Sit down and REALLY look at it.


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