30 January 2011

just for the tone of voice

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After all these hours of hollering, roaring, blathering, bleating, counterfeit intonations and lies, I'm just going to put it on in the background. I love listening about the ancient peoples. I love listening to people who look into the deep past, the mounting piles of evidence, with minds unchained by consensus trance, speaking genuinely. It's almost as good as a long soak in a tub. Almost like floating naked down a river of stars.

I'm not so sure about all the purported symbolism. Jordan Maxwell's stuff is part brilliant and part half-baked. I'm not entirely convinced it is a discrete bunch conspiring against us because all attitudes, notions and ideas that become institutionalized act on us all precisely as though there were an overt conspiracy working to murder us in place, mindfuck us into zombies. I can tell, though that, through this medium and in this milieu, he can say things to people that can help free them. This is no small contribution. No matter how badly you want to marginalize him, you can't take that away.


Just for ducks, I took a break to find something more mainstream on Akhenaten and it was SO silly I had to snap it off. For whatever leaps it seems Tsarion is taking, there is also no taking away from him that his guesses are far more LUCID than those of professional Egyptologists.

love, 99

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