25 January 2011

loads and loads more good listening

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I am workin' my heart out for you here, dudes, and, you know, sometimes I just don't think you appreciate the quality of my creativity here. I mean, you had NO idea I really look like THIS. I think I should go away mad....

I mean, neither do you seem to grok that, even though I've given Tsarion his own label so you can get back to him at your convenience, the vast bulk of it is via the supremely unreliable YouTube. Any one of a dozen things could happen to disappear these links from the face of cyberspace and you will have MISSED YER CHANCE to transcend it all. I should go away mad....

But, instead, since I have sneezed no fewer than thirty times this evening, probably due to my advancing anaphylaxis over Genghis Ponzi Yoo, I'm going to take a couple hunnert vitamin C and D pills, and then suck on some zinc lozenges while listening to all this from BED. So... look at it this way... I'm going away fighting....

love, 99

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