03 January 2011

of course

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Of course.
Obama may name William Daley to top job
By JULIE PACE, Associated Press – 20 mins ago

HONOLULU — President Barack Obama is considering naming former Commerce Secretary William Daley to a top White House job, possibly chief of staff, a person familiar with the matter said Monday.

Daley, an executive at JPMorgan Chase, has extensive private sector experience, an attractive profile for the Obama administration, which has been looking to counter the notion that the president is antibusiness.

Obama's first chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, resigned last year to run for Chicago mayor. Interim chief of staff Pete Rouse has been heading a staff review that is expected to lead to some shake-ups in the West Wing.

Daley is the brother of the Chicago mayor, Richard Daley, and was an adviser to Obama during his presidential bid.

The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. The development comes as Obama eyes a reorganization of his senior leadership as he returns from a Hawaiian vacation and launches the next phase of his presidency. A new-look White House structure of people and portfolios, delayed before Obama's holiday break by a frenetic year-end lawmaking session, is expected to unfold soon and spread over at least a few weeks.

Rouse, a respected troubleshooter in the White House, was chosen as interim chief of staff after the colorful and hard-edged Emanuel quit last fall. It has been expected that Rouse would stay on at least until the reorganization review — which he is leading — was complete, along with the president's State of the Union address in late January and the release of Obama's budget proposal in February.

But beyond that, Rouse has never relished the high-profile job as the top White House manager. He has been operating decidedly out of the spotlight. Those close to Obama say top aides are generally being asked to make their intentions known now if they want to change or leaves jobs — or be prepared to stay on for the rest of the term — so there is stability as Obama heads into his re-election bid.

Daley is the Midwest chairman of JPMorgan Chase.

As special counsel to President Bill Clinton, he coordinated the successful campaign to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement. He later served as commerce secretary to Clinton. In 2000, he coordinated the effort for permanent Normal Trade Relations with China, and he served as chairman of Vice President Al Gore's presidential campaign.

Like Obama, he is from Chicago. And he is part of well-known Chicago political family.

The transition at the White House is about to pick up. David Plouffe, the architect of Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, is expected to be in the White House as soon as next week as an adviser to the president. One of the president's most trusted advisers, David Axelrod, is leaving this month; he is expected to take a break and recharge for a central role in the 2012 re-election campaign.
Of course.

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  1. William Daley is on the Board of Directors of US Chamber of Commerce, Abbott Laboratories, and Boeing.

  2. Having shot myself in the head earlier today, I'm beyond caring now, but, really, it's as it was from the moment he declared himself a candidate. I know I'm not going to be happy, but am nonetheless shocked at HOW unhappy he makes me. Honestly. Honestly. His performance in the Senate had long since deflated any hope of his greatness, but, JESUS, it's as though he actively concentrates on who would be the worst possible candidate and appoints them. He stuck in a few middling people and scraped the rest off the bottom of the barrel... except... you know he hasn't come up with ANY of these people. They tell him and he presidentially shrugs his shoulders and goes, okay, great... but I've killed myself now, so I don't even care.

  3. That's a lie.

    I want to go track down that insufferable prig woman whose, name I can't even remember — the one who called me one of her less progressive friends for not being thrilled about Obama — and strangle her to death.

  4. why silver is worth $1.50 less than yesterday...Following Reuters news that the US government would allow 13 oil firms to restart deep-water Gulf of Mexico drilling without the new environmental review (under certain conditions), oil drops, drillers spike... and precious metals plunge.--ZH

  5. In local neswDA dispute kills trial in progress..."In a Nov. 16 trial, Chief Deputy District Attorney Keith Mandelski asked Montezuma County Judge JenniLynn Lawrence to dismiss charges in the case, saying he felt the prosecutor, Deputy District Attorney Brett Van Winkle, was rendered too emotionally upset and distracted to continue with prosecution of the case after a courtroom conversation with Wasley[DA elect] about possibly losing a pay raise."

    Wasley has been in 4 DA offices in 8 years.


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